Question-   What is the Purpose of a Website?



First main purpose of creating a website is to attract the attention of the Internet audience. All in all, purpose of a website is to turn visitors into prospects. As a result, web design is a process of creating websites. It is a process of planning, conceptualizing and building a collection of electronic files which determine layout, structure, graphics, colors, images, text styles and use of interactive features that deliver pages to site visitors. Accordingly, it become technically a subset of the broader category of web development. Usually it covers several aspects including webpage layout, graphic design and content production. While the terms web design and web developments are often used interchangeably, the web development process is a documented outline of the steps needed into categories the work and then breaks these high-level sections into tasks and resources to be taken from start to finish in order to complete a typical web design project. There are many types of web design like static design layout, single page design layout, liquid design layout, dynamic design layout and responsive design layout.

Designing is a process of collecting ideas which implements their structure. The web design process happens in simple steps. The initial stage is all about understanding client goal, scope definition, sitemap and wireframe creation, content creation, visual elements, testing and launch the website. There are good design principles which will make website aesthetic, user-friendly, effective, and engaging such as simple designed website, consistency, typography and readability, mobile compatibility, color palette and imagery, easy loading and type of navigation panel. Those who design web sites are called as web designers who have knowledge in multiple programming languages and digital tools. They will have the best opportunities for advancement and obtain the highest levels of job security in these industries. The professional web designers able to design all type of web design layouts such as  personal websites, photo sharing websites, community building websites, mobile device websites, blogs, informational websites, online business brochure or catalogue and  E-commerce websites. Also website layout contain, website structure, user interface, navigation, colors, font, image gallery, button styles etc. The purpose of different types of web design is to make best use of an existing technologies to create eye-catching websites, serving the very purpose of their conceptions.

The most successful web designs are responsive ones which are becoming almost universal these days. A responsive web designing is adapts to any screen sizes. Simply on a desktop computer it will appear with a different layout compared to when viewed on a mobile phone either in any other devices.  Frequently responsive website for desktop and mobile can switch to using responsive images in any platforms. Almost every website uses these responsive web designs. As a web design, it consists of many parts, two of them being graphic design and UX design. Graphic design isn't really difficult but UX is a broad discipline that can be very difficult. Always user interface design controls, how easy or difficult it is for visitors to move around, interact with the site to complete tasks. In general, the graphic design will have the ability to communicate through visuals including images, color schemes, buttons, icons, and typography to become capable of increasing conversions, displaying brand personality and improving usability through influencing what users see first. UX stand for user experience. On the other hand UX design make users to feel while using the site to differentiate their experience. At the end of the day, website’s UI designs are top priority because for many organizations, web design is the best sales tool at their disposal. Since business to business marketing has unique challenges when it comes to building customer relationships and moving prospects through marketing funnel to generate qualified leads.

A beautiful website with poor content will fail to capitalize on many valuable business opportunities. Offering vibrant, positive content in a website will able to lift companies in a positive direction. Always it keep readers informed while portraying the company as relatable and reliable in the website. The good content has impact when combined with great web design. When there is less content on a page, it has a way of portrayal more attentions. One of the most common thing in web design is, writers are noticing as trend is use of micro interactions. Micro interactions are variables that allows a user to interact with a page without reloading it. Also it reduced load time and increase readability. Hence, images are a key component of every website by considering its quality. Simply it measure of how the image looks visually. There is a direct correlation between image quality and image size. Higher quality results in higher image size and as a result, it increases the loading time. Decreasing the image load time will not only helps to get a faster overall page load time. Thus, it results a better user experience on websites but would also it helps to rank higher on search engines.

Moreover web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. When it comes to optimizing, there are ton of details in order to increase the rank in Google results on SEO world. A search engine searches the results according to the user inputs and provides the best results among them. If a web-site isn’t able to meet users’ expectations, then designer failed to get his job done properly and the company losses money. Users willing to leave the web-site and search for alternatives because of higher in cognitive load and less intuitive in navigation. Furthermore in most cases users strive for simplicity instead of complexity which helps to hold company’s stable marketing and connectivity between consumers and vendors. As a result web designing becomes an essential in the world of cooperates where it plays a major role on user attracts towards primitive.

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