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            What is social science?

            Social science is the science of human behavior in the cultural and social environment. Most of the aspects of our daily life are part of social science and it includes the major important subjects like polity, culture, anthropology, sociology, social psychology, economics, history, geography, etc.

            social science helps in explaining the world around us, how everything works and why the things are there the way they can be seen

            Social science is a little bit of every other subject. Social science studies the social environment, its values, and how people react and deal with and within society.

            There are a lot of career options for the students of social science like being a weather research analyst, historians, curators, civil services, economists, organizational psychologists etc.

            Social science is the subject where students learn and work on the researches, database analysis, information gathering, checking, and experimenting often with the policies.

            Disciplines of social science assignment help


            Economics focuses on the way an economy functions, the behavior, and interaction with the economic agents. It deals with the basic element of economics like single agents from small businesses, industries, buyers, customers, etc. to the big concepts that may include the economy of a whole country, unemployment, policy, capital, inflation, etc. Economics studies the way the resources could be put to use effectively and efficiently. There are two types of economic, micro and macroeconomics.

            Political Science

            Political science is concerned with the governance structure, activities, theory and functions. It studies the allocation of power in the process of decision making and governance. The main focus of political science is to understand the structure of government and how they examine certain factors like justice, wealth, peace, welfare etc. Political science explains the functioning and structure of government and keeps us informed about the policies and decisions that affect our lives in good and bad ways.


            Sociology which is often called as the general science of society is the study of all the activities of humans that come under being called social and the relationship and interaction of people who share a similar culture with their society and environment. The term culture means the practices, values, beliefs, celebrations, and activities that a group of people shares. Sociology studies how people of a shared culture, interact and behave with each other and changes that come through time and experiences.


            Anthropology is a very vast subject as it studies humans, their behavior, the society not just in the present but in the past as well. It studies the evolution of humans from being an animal to becoming a part of behaving society. All the branches of anthropology study different ways and types of human experience through time. It also studies how the culture and behavior have changed over time and the current culture and behavior that seem to change. It is all about what makes us human.


            Psychology is the subject that studies the behavior of the mind including the conscious and subconscious mind, the feelings, and thought process. It focuses on the structure and function of the brain which affects the behavior of humans. Psychology is a very important subject because more and more mental health issues are coming up day by day making it the most important concern of people as it affects the functioning and behavior of the whole body and not just the brain.


            Law is the system of rules that are made to control and regulate the actions of people to stop any unlawful and immoral activities from happening. The laws are enforced by the government and followed by everyone failing to which people would have to pay penalty or receive punishment. It is for the correction and control of people to maintain moral conduct in society. This is what law is and what the subject Law studies about.

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