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About this course

This course aims to teach you to add a powerful CMS to your existing web application. In this course, we take an existing web application and add this CMS capability to it. Django CMS is an increasingly popular and open source content management system add-on to the Python web framework, Django. It’s lightweight core makes it easy to integrate with other Websites and put to use immediately, while its ease of use makes it the go-to choice for content managers, content editors and website admins. This course started with installing Django CMS and covered every aspect of building a CMS Site and integrating with your existing web application and then deploying on to the server. This course is divided into 9 modules and each module is divided into various sections and subsections. 


  • You must have working knowledge of HTML and CSS 
  • You know the basics of Python Programming and Django Framework 
  • You must know the basics of how to create a website using Django Framework 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Learn how to install django cms and use virtual environment 
  • Set up the necessary development environment to start developing. 
  • Able to understand routes in CMS 
  • Able to create custom page templates and plugins. 
  • Understand the plugins and able to create custom plugin 
  • Understand the application hooks(Apphooks) and able to apply apphooks to a page 
  • Learn about toolbars and navigation menus in CMS Site 
  • Learn about viewmodels and able to create and edit redirects 
  • Able to add CMS Page with admin 
  • Able to Integrate Django web app with a Django CMS website. 
  • Deploy and troubleshoot fully-fledged Django CMS Site 

  • Cms
  • Python
  • Django Cms
  • Django Cms Site
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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course



1 Hours to complete

Module 1: Installing Django CMS

  • Requirements for Django CMS
  • Working Environment
    • Activate Virtual Environment 
    • Update pip inside Virtual Environment
    • Use Django CMS Installer
    • Startup the runserver



1 Hours to complete

Module 2: A tour of our website and application

  • Visit already builted web application
  • Start exploring source code
  • Run the web application



1 Hours to complete

Module 3: CMS Integration

  • Introduction to CMS
    • What is CMS ?
    • How CMS is helpful in data-driven organization 
  • CMS Integration 
    • How to integrate CMS with your existing project ?
  • Traditional CMS Vs Custom CMS



1 Hours to complete

Module 4: Routing for CMS

  • Introduction to Routing
    • What is Routing ?
    • Examples of Routing
  • Explore Existing routes
  • Add CMS Routes
  • CMS Service



1 Hours to complete

Module 5: Plugins and Apphooks

  • Create Plugin Model
    • Plugin Class
    • Template
    • Defining Structure of Page using Page Templates
  • Test Plugin
  • Create Custom Plugin
  • Understanding Application Hooks (Apphooks)
    • Create an apphook class
    • Remove old apps entry from project urls
    • Restart runserver
  • Apply the apphook to a page



1 Hours to complete

Module 6: Extending Toolbar and Navigation menu

  • Extending Toolbar
    • Add basic toolbar class
      • Add a menu to the toolbar
      • Add nodes to the app menu
      • Add buttons to the toolbar
  • Extending Navigation menu
    • Create Navigation menu



2 Hours to complete

Module 7: Redirect in CMS

  • Introduction to redirect
    • Creating and editing redirect
    • Listing redirects
  • Create ViewModel
  • GET-POST Redirect
  • Add redirect view methods and HTML Form
  • Capture form data



1 Hours to complete

Module 8: CMS Page

  • Introduction to CMS Page
    • Add Page Template
    • Render real page content
  • Admin page listings
  • Add CMS page with the admin 



2 Hours to complete

Module 9: Deploy Full-Fledged Django CMS Site

  • Integrating an existing Django app into Django CMS Site
  • Share Data using Django REST Framework API
  • Testing and Debugging
    • Testing the application 
    • Debugging the application
    • How to secure Django CMS
  • Troubleshoot application
  • Deploy the Django CMS Site

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This web framework is built in Python and gives you the flexibility to develop your applications quickly and with a clean design. By building the framework on the basis of experience, it eliminates much of the hassle and complexity associated with web development so you can concentrate on writing your app.  

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