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About this course

Hey folks, Welcome to the course of Django Web Development. This course is designed and aimed to teach you the popular web development framework in Python programming and it will enable you to build your own custom and scalable web project. Django uses MVT Architecture to build web applications and it is in-built with batteries and admin.This course covers everything from installation of Django and python upto creation of custom web apps.Python language knowledge is prior and must before learning Django web development course. The course is divided into 6 modules and each module is covered with several sections and subsections. Join This course to make and create a beautiful web application. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Understand the Basics of Web development such as Front and Back end of websites. 
  • Know about the basics of Django framework and how to install django on your machine 
  • Create a demo project called “Mysite” to understand the Django Directory structure 
  • Able to understand views, models and admin site in a Django Project 
  • Able to understand views and templates in creation of Django Web application 
  • Know about forms and generic view in web application project 
  • Able to understand the Automated Testing in Django and static files 
  • Know about how to customize admin site in any Django web application project 
  • Know about Django ORM and deploying a Django based site with the help of WSGI and ASGI 
  • Able to build your own custom project using Django Framework 

  • Python
  • Web Development
  • Django
  • Object Relational
  • Mappingapp Development
  • Custom Django Project
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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course



4 Hours to complete

Module 1: Web Development Using Django Framework

  • Web Development Introduction 
    • Introduction to Web Browser, Website, and Webpage 
    • Stacks of Web Development
      • Front End Web Development Basics 
      • Back End Web Development Basics 
      • Full Stack Web Development 
  • Django Framework 
    • Django Basics 
    • Django Web Architecture 
      • MVT Architecture of Django 
      • Difference Between MVC and MVT Architecture
    • Popular Django apps 
  • Installation of Django 
    • Install Python & IDE for Django Web Development 
    • Setup Virtual Environment 
    • Installation of Django on
      • Linux, MacOS & Windows Machine 
    • Setup Database 
  • Prototype Idea to create web project 



2 Hours to complete

Module 2: Built First App in Django

  • Create Demo Project - Mysite
    • Project Directory Structure - Mysite 
    • Development server 
    • Create first app - Polls app
      • Directory structure of Django app
  • Write First View 
  • Models and Admin Site 
    • Database Setup 
    • Create and activate models 
    • Play with API 
    • Django Admin introduction 



2 Hours to complete

Module 3: Views and Templates

  • Overview of Views and Templates 
    • How to Write more views ? 
    • Write views that actually do something 
    • Raising a 404 error 
    • Using Template system 
    • Remove Hardcoded URLs in Templates 
    • Namespacing URL names 
  • Forms and Generic Views 
    • Writing minimal form 
    • Use generic views: less code is better 



2 Hours to complete

Module 4: Testing in Django

  • Introduction to Automated Testing 
    • Basic Testing Strategies 
    • Writing our first Test 
    • Test a view 
    • When Testing - more is better 
    • Further testing 
    • What’s next ? 
  • Static files 
    • Customize your apps look and feel 
    • Adding a background image 



4 Hours to complete

Module 5: Customizing Admin Site

  • Customizing Admin Site 
    • Customize admin form 
    • Adding related objects 
    • Customizing admin change list 
    • Customizing admin look and feel 
    • Customizing admin index page 
    • What’s next ? 
  • Django Template Language 
  • Migration Commands 
    • Database Migration 
  • Django ORM 
  • Deploying Django Site 
    • How to deploy with WSGI 
    • How to deploy with ASGI 



3 Hours to complete

Module 6: Built a Custom Project

  • Built a Custom Project 
    • Creating a project 
      • Database Setup 
      • Development Server 
    • Creating and activating models 
    • Views, templates and admin sites 
    • Testing your project 
    • Deploy your project on live server 
  • Frequently Asked Questions Related to Django 
    • Is Django Stable? 
    • Does Django Scale and which popular sites use Django? 
    • Is Django a CMS? 

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This web framework is built in Python and gives you the flexibility to develop your applications quickly and with a clean design. By building the framework on the basis of experience, it eliminates much of the hassle and complexity associated with web development so you can concentrate on writing your app.  

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