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About this course

Welcome to the course of GUI Programming in Python. This course aims to teach  you the basics of GUI and will enable you to build Attractive GUI Apps using Python Programming Language. Python provides various toolkits and frameworks to support GUI Programming in a very easy way compared to other languages. Python's built-in standard library called “Tkinter” has tons of features to support and execute the GUI Apps. This course also covers various aspects of User interface system CLI as compared to GUI. It will help you to build several custom GUI apps like “Email widget” using ipywidgets, “text editor” using Tkinter widgets and a simple calculator app using Tkinter. The course is divided into 5 modules and each module helps you to understand GUI programming through various sections. To succeed in that, we expect your familiarity with the basics of Python Programming Language such as Python data structure, decorator, functions, and Object Oriented Programming. 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Get to know about User interface system 
  • Able to understand Command line interface 
  • Learn the GUI Basics and able to compare between CLI and GUI 
  • Understand Toolkits and libraries for GUI Programming in Python 
  • Make a GUI program to display “Hello World” 
  • Understand the various components of GUI 
  • Learn and know the basics of ipywidgets and their list 
  • Able to Build a custom widget using ipywidgets “Email widget” 
  • Able to understand Tkinter widgets and its layouts 
  • Able to Build a custom widget using tkinter “Text Editor” 
  • Able to build a custom gui app called “Calculator” 

  • Pythongui
  • Cli
  • Python Gui Frameworks Jupyter Widgets
  • Tkinter Widgets
  • Gui App
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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course



1 Hours to complete

Module 1: GUI Introduction

  • Introduction to User Interface System
    • Two modes of Interaction
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • How does CLI help in improving Programming skills ?
    • Role of CLI in project development
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Easiness of Using GUI
    • How GUI helps more user interaction
  • Comparison of GUI and CLI interaction



3 Hours to complete

Module 2: GUI Programming using Python Language

  • Python Standard library for GUI Programming
    • Tkinter Introduction 
  • Python Toolkits/Frameworks for GUI Programming
    • PyJamas Overview
    • JustPy Overview
    • Gui2Py framework overview
    • WxPython toolkit for GUI in Python
  • GUI-MVC Architecture
  • GUI Program to display "Hello World"
    • GUI Window of Hello World
  • GUI Components
    • Window
    • Menu
    • Icons
    • Controls
    • Tabs



4 Hours to complete

Module 3: Jupyter Widgets

  • Introduction to Jupyter Widgets (ipywidgets)
    • Importing ipywidgets
      • Ipywidgets functionality
      • Example of Ipywidgets function
  • Widgets List
    • Examples of Numeric Widgets
    • Examples of Boolean Widgets 
    • Examples of Selection Widgets
    • Examples of Image and Button Widgets
    • Picker Widgets
      • Date Picker
      • Time Picker
      • Datetime Picker
  • Widget Events
  • Layout and styling of Jupyter widgets
  • Building a Custom widget - Email widget



3 Hours to complete

Module 4: Tkinter Widgets

  • Adding a widget using Tkinter
  • Widget class
    • Label widget to display text and images
    • Button widget to display clickable buttons
    • Entry widget to get user input
    • Text widget to get multi-line user input
    • Frame widget
  • Controlling layouts
  • Geometry management in widgets
  • Building a Custom app - Text Editor



3 Hours to complete

Module 5: Building a Custom GUI App

  • Build a Simple Calculator App
    • Import Tkinter module
    • Create main window/container for calculator
    • Apply and add widgets to calculator window
    • Apply event trigger on widgets
  • Compiling and executing calculator code
  • Running GUI calculator

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