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About this course

This course is designed to understand and develop skills in Object Oriented Programming using Python Language. Object Oriented Programming makes the code organized around its data,which makes it more important in Real World Programming. This course teaches the four pillars of Object Oriented Programming, i.e Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance and Polymorphism using Practical Examples. It covers various projects such as Bank application, War_Card_Game, Hotel Reservation System etc. The course is divided into 5 modules with different sections and subsections. Join this course to get more insights of Python Object Oriented Programming. 


● Python Basics - Data Structures, Functions, Generator, and Exception Handling. 
● Python 3 - using Python 3 version on editor/IDE 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Understand different programming paradigm approach 
  • Able to understand the benefits of using OOPs to solve Real World Problems. 
  • Learn class and instances in Object Oriented Programming 
  • Able to understand the objects of class in OOPs 
  • Understand the different methods and attributes associated with classes 
  • Know the special and magic methods used in classes 
  • Understand the abstraction and encapsulation in Object Oriented Programming 
  • Able to built a custom “Bank application” using Object Oriented Programming 
  • Understand the concept of Inheritance and its types in Python Language 
  • Understand Polymorphism and Method Overriding in Python 
  • Able to built a custom “war_card_game” application using OOPs concepts 
  • Learn Decorator and Static Keyword in classes 
  • Able to build a custom project using the OOPs concept. 

  • Python Object
  • Oriented Programming(Oops)
  • Python Oops Project
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Syllabus - What you will learn from this course



2 Hours to complete

Module 1: A First look at Classes

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    • Programming Paradigm
    • OOPs Vs Other Paradigm approach
    • Solving Problems by using OOPs approach
  • Is Python good for Object Oriented Programming ?
  • Benefits of Learning Object Oriented Programming
    • Implementation of OOPs in IT Industry
  • Classes - First Ladder of OOPs
    • Introduction to class and Instances
    • Class Definition syntax
    • Class Vs Instance - Examples
      • Attributes and Methods
  • Object - Instantiation of Class
    • What is an Object ?
      • Object definition in Python
  • Practical Examples of class and object in Python 
    • Predefined classes and object 
    • User-Defined classes and object



3 Hours to complete

Module 2: Methods and Attributes

  • Class Attributes and Methods
    • Class and Instance Attributes
    • Instantiation of class - __init__() method
    • Define Methods in class
  • Special and Magic Methods in Python class
    • __str__() magic method
    • Arithmetic magic methods
      • __add__() method
      • __sub__() method
      • __mul__() method
    • Practical example of magic methods
  • Abstraction and Encapsulation
    • Abstract class and interface in Python 
    • Encapsulation - bind data and methods
      • Attribute access problem in class 
      • Private attributes 
    • Practical example on abstraction and encapsulation
  • Build a Custom application - "Bank Application"



2 Hours to complete

Module 3: Accessing Other Classes

  • Inheritance - Code Reusability
    • Parent Vs Child Classes 
    • Dog Bark example
  • Inheritance Types
    • Practical Demonstration 
      • Single and Multiple Inheritance
      • Multilevel Inheritance
      • Hierarchical and Hybrid Inheritance
  • Polymorphism - same function name with different parameter
    • Method overriding example
  • Practical demonstration on Four Pillars of OOPs
  • Build a Custom Application - "War_Card_Game"



1 Hours to complete

Module 4: Miscellaneous OOPs Concepts

  • Static Keyword
    • Class method Vs Static method
      • Examples of Class Vs Static method
  • Concept of Constructor and Destructor
    • Using __init__() method
  • Access modifiers - Public, Private, and Protected
    • illustrations of Access Modifiers in Python 
  • Operator Overloading
    • Practical examples of Overloading in Python 
  • Decorators in Classes
    • Example and usage of Decorator in Python 



4 Hours to complete

Module 5: Build a Custom Project in OOPs

  • Demo Project 1- Hotel Reservation System 
    • Understand the Project
    • What different classes it needs ?
    • Applying the different concepts of OOPs
    • Testing the code and execute it
  • Choose a Custom Project to Test your OOPs concept
    • Understand your project
    • Create different classes and their objects
    • Test your code
    • Executing your project

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