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Business Development

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Business development homework help

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When you have an idea, it is easy to start a business but the real challenge comes in its development. Business development is the process and set of activities focused on building the business mainly in terms of sales and profit. There is a lot of competition in the market which makes survival very difficult thus it is important for the businesses to form plans and strategies which will build customers and clients thereby increasing sales and service delivery. Now it's your time to rank and get higher marks in your academics for this check out business development homework help for your college-related assistance.

Starting a business is like buying a plot but the value is added when the construction of the business is done, business development is a construction of the business to add and increase its value.

What really is business development course work?

  • Business development is not a single work; it is a set of activities that are conducted to build the business. It starts with the market analysis which is necessary to know the needs and demands of your potential customers and then doing the necessary changes and additions in your business to generate the need for it in the minds of people.

  • The next step is the most important part of business development, the promotion. Promotion of your business is the vital most process for business development and especially for the new businesses that are still struggling to make their place in the market. Promotional planning is done to choose a suitable way to make people aware of your business.

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Business development process

Business Development is part of every department but each department has different work and responsibilities for it. The marketing department plans and executes the promotional and advertising strategies, sales department manages the accounts and a keeps the check on increase or decrease in sales, project management, and business planning departments decide the strategies for the developments and make plans, etc. Business management development includes doing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, analyzing the planning and activities of competitors, finding opportunities in the market which the business can benefit from and the budget and cost analysis. Business development requires people who are very organized, good with calculations, know how to manage risks, understand consumer behavior and needs and time management.

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