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Entrepreneurship homework help

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating a business or businesses to generate profit and bringing innovations while being socially conscious. It brings a change in society by bringing services or products that are helpful to people in making their life easier. Entrepreneurship is a lot more than just being a business or job creator, is it also the way to bring big innovations and change in the world. Entrepreneurs create an idea and then execute it while others just keep their ideas in their heads. They are the ones who dare to take risks, bear losses and enjoy the benefits of the business. The different types of entrepreneurship and their importance are:

Types of entrepreneurship:

  • Small business entrepreneurship are the kind of entrepreneurship that earns enough only to run a family. They are small businesses with low investments, low risks and therefore low profitability. They do not require big investments and could be funded by family, friends or business loans.

  • Social entrepreneurship is the kind of business where the products or services are designed to solve social issues. Social entrepreneurs work for the growth and welfare of society and the ones in need without considering the profitability for themselves.

  • Big company entrepreneurship requires a big amount as an investment because it is a large scale business which includes highs risks but has high profitability too. New products are added in the production to meet the changing needs of customers.

  • Scalable startup Entrepreneurship start with the aim to change the world that is funded by the venture capitalists and they hire the best employees in their business which increases the chance for their growth and profit-earning.

Importance of Entrepreneurship

  • Bring change and innovation and ntrepreneurs play a big role in bringing innovations which no one else does. They bring services and product that are different than other things in the market while generating big profit for them. Entrepreneurs are the trendsetters who bring the changes that are beneficial for the national as well as personal growth.
  • Creates jobs are not enough jobs in the world for all the people seeking it; Entrepreneurship creates jobs in the market which gives employment opportunities for a lot of people. It not only provides jobs and growth opportunities, but it also contributes to reducing poverty that comes because of unemployment.

  • Brings growth in terms of personal as well as national is what entrepreneurship seeks to bring. The innovative ideas, the production, profit, job opportunities, etc, not only prove beneficial to entrepreneurs in achieving their goals but also contributes to national growth.

  • Give to society entrepreneurship was just about starting a business but the definition has changed with time as entrepreneurship is the big influence and change bringer in the society, it has to be done in a socially conscious way. Entrepreneurs give to society and not just take from it.

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