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Marketing homework help

Marketing is a group of activities done to promote a product and increase its sales where the needs of customers are identified, anticipated and then worked on for customer satisfaction. Marketing experts need to have sharp convincing and conversational skills to attract and most importantly convince customers to buy your product. Marketing is of mainly two types, B2B and B2C where B2b means Business to Business marketing where a business tries to sell their product to another business for example steel business houses sell their steel to the utensil creating business and the other one is B2C which means business to customer marketing which happens while selling most of the products. Apart from these, there is two more marketing model which are C2B where customers sell their services in forms of reviews and feedback to the businesses and the C2C where consumers exchange goods amongst themselves. Marketing is the most important activity for the growth of any business and various fields of marketing are:-

Various fields of marketing

Market Research

Market research is the first and the most important activity because it includes researching the market to find out the needs of customers according to which the product will be brought.

Advertising and Public relation

Advertising and public relation include the activities that are important for the promotion of the brand to bring it in a notice of the public and generate the need for it in them and building the business-customer relation.


Promotion apart from the advertising includes the activities that are don to build the relationship between customers, wholesalers, retailers and customers by giving them discounts, offers, sample products etc.


Sales are the distribution of product for final consumptions. The product is sold to the wholesalers who keep the products in bulk and then sell it to retailers who sell it to final customers as per their needs.


Retailing is the activity which puts the product directly in front of the customers to buy which is the last step of a business marketing cycle before the customer feedback.

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