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Biology defines - Every living thing in the world, their structure, working, behavior and reaction with other living things are what Biology is all about. To the growing plant in your garden, the way you behave, the structure of the bird, the way a wound heals, the chapter your teacher wished she could have skipped, everything is part of Biology. and if you are looking for biology homework help so, you came to the right place.

 Biology Homework Help

Do you know the multiple branches of biology?

This is a vast subject and the branches of it's include Taxonomy, Morphology, Anatomy, Histology, Cytology, Cell Bio, Molecular Bio, Physiology, Embryology, Ecology, Genetics, Evolution, etc. but they are clubbed into mainly zoology, botany and microbiology.

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Various Branches Covered Under Biology Homework Help


Taxonomy is known as the science of classification which means the arrangement of the subject matter of botany and zoology. It systematically arranges the diverse organisms of plants and animals in the hierarchy according to their superior-subordinate placements.

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Morphology studies the form and structure of organisms where the structure of the inside is called internal morphology or anatomy like organs, bones, etc. and the outside structure is called the external morphology like shape, size, color, etc.

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Anatomy studies the internal structure of living organisms like their organs, bones, veins, etc. Anatomy is the sub-divided into macroscopic and microscopic anatomy where macroscopic anatomy studies the structure of living organisms without actually seeing it from inside and microscopic anatomy studies the organism from the inside. including all these terminologies you can avail biology homework help.


Histology studies the cells, tissues and other organs which are present on the inside and too small to be seen by the naked eyes. It is also known as microscopic anatomy because the study of these invisible tissues or cells is done under the microscope.


Cytology or cell biology is the branch of biology that studies the basic structure and functions of animal and plant cells. The tissue samples from the body are tested on the glass slides under the microscope to examine the health of that living organism. here at our online platform, you can access biology homework help online anytime at affordable rates.

Molecular biology

Everything is made up of molecules and the molecular structure of the living organisms is studied in molecular biology where the structure and function of the biological molecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins are observed and analyzed.


The normal functioning of living organisms and their body parts is what physiology studies. Right from the functioning of the cells to the way body moves and reacts to the external environment, all the functioning and movement is studied in physiology.


Embryology is the branch of biology that focuses on the structure, functioning and development of the embryo and fetus right from the gamete formation, fertilization, formation of zygote and the final formation of an embryo.


The branch of biology studies the relationship of all the living beings with each other and with their surroundings and it includes both biotic, like humans, animals, bacteria, cells, fungi, etc. and abiotic organisms like air, soil, sunlight, energy, etc.


Genetics is the branch of study which studies the genes of living organisms, their variations, and heredity. It analyses how the genes have been passed on and the way in which they will act like the appearance of the baby matching with its parents.


Evolution studies how the changes have come in a living organism through age and time as humans evolved from the apes. It is based on the idea that all the species in this world are related and they go through some changes over time.

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Exobiology, also known as astrobiology studies the possibilities, origins, evolutions, and distribution of the future life in the universe. It focuses on cosmology, astrology, biophysics, biochemistry and other subjects to do the study.

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Biology Coursework Help

Students who pursue Biology coursework open up the path to a very vast career path which is rewarding as well as exciting as they will be learning about the various aspects of biology like molecular biology, cellular biology, biochemistry.

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