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Anthropology homework help

Anthropology is a very vast subject as it studies humans, their behavior, the society not just in the present but in the past as well. It studies the evolution of humans from being an animal to becoming a part of behaving society. All the branches of anthropology study different ways and types of human experience through time. It also studies how the culture and behavior have changed over time and the current culture and behavior that seem to change. It is all about what makes us human.

Anthropology homework help

Anthropology studies how our ancestors lived and behaved the society they lived in and also compares us to the behavior of animals. The various branches of anthropology are:-

Sub branches will covered under anthropology homework help

Social cultural anthropology

Socio-cultural anthropology studies the society and the cultural differences or similarities that exist between the different sections and population of the society in terms of economy, law, politics, religion, etc. using the ethnographic method which examines the culture through participant observation and following the ethical aspects in mind.

Physical anthropology

Physical anthropology which is also known as the biological anthology is concerned with the physical or biological behavior of humans. It not only studies the living but also the dead ancestral bodies with the perspective of evolution. Physical anthropology includes a lot of sub-branches like Bioarchaeology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, forensic anthropology, human behavioral ecology, human biology, primatology, Paleopathology, etc.

Archaeological anthropology

Archaeological anthropology studies of the behavior and society form the past. This includes all the materials and remains of the past which are examined to know the life, structure, and behavior of humans in the past or our ancestors. It describes, classifies, and analyses the remains and other artifacts from the past. Archaeology and anthropology are two different works, while archaeologist finds out the artifacts or any other thing from the past, anthropologists are the ones who analyze and examine them.

Linguistic anthropology

Linguistic anthropology studies how languages affect the behavior of humans and their social life.

It has grown through ages studying the changes and the structure of human languages. Studying human languages can be done through proper documentation of them. It studies the languages and the relationships they have with the culture.

Applied anthropology

Applied anthropology is the application of the theories and methods of anthropology to analyze and find solutions to practical problems. The field goes behind the classroom as it is more practical than theoretical. In today's scenario, it is more commonly used in the industrial context like market research or design. Applied anthropology can simply be said to be the tools of anthropology put to use.

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