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Sociology homework help

Sociology which is often called the general science of society is the study of all the activities of humans that come under being called social and the relationship and interaction of people who share a similar culture with their society and environment. From a brief meeting between two people to the big fights, all the activities from basic to the biggest come under sociological studies. Sociology uses various methods to study the working of society and the behavior of people in it.

Sociology homework help

The term culture means the practices, values, beliefs, celebrations, and activities that a group of people shares. Sociology studies how people of a shared culture, interact and behave with each other and changes that come through time and experiences. Sociologist examines and studies how the morals, values, culture, customs, beliefs, fashion, rituals, etc affect and contribute to the changes that come in the family and the behavior of people towards each other.

The subject sociology is a wide one with several branches like theoretical sociology, historical sociology, sociology of knowledge, criminology, religion sociology, economic sociology, rural sociology, urban sociology, political sociology, demography sociology, law sociology, and industrial sociology.

Sub-branches will Cover Under Sociology Homework Help

1. Theoretical sociology

2. Historical sociology

3. Sociology of knowledge

4. Criminology

5. Religion sociology

6. Economic sociology

7. Rural sociology

8. Urban sociology

9. Political sociology

10. Demography sociology

11. Law sociology

12. Industrial Sociology

Sociology Homework Help

Theoretical sociology

Theoretical sociology or sociological theory focuses on the facts and theories about the social environment and how they are related to human behavior.

Historical sociology

This branch of sociology focuses on how the changes have come in society with time and the historical events that have affected them.

Sociology of knowledge

Sociology of knowledge is the branch that studies the ideology of humans and the way it affects society.


Criminology as evident by the name focuses on what makes a person criminal and what role does a society play in it.

Religion sociology

This branch of sociology studies the beliefs, rituals, practices of the culture, and the effect of it in society.

Economic sociology

It studies how the materials, production, and consumption have shaped the way of living of people and society.

Rural sociology

Studying the culture, way of living, rural-urban conflict, poverty, resources of the rural environment is the focus of rural sociology.

Urban sociology

Human interaction and behavior in the big and developed environment, the things affecting their way of living about the urban area is what urban sociology is about.

Political sociology

Political sociology is a relationship or a mix of political science and sociology which studies how the political structure of a place affects its society.

Demography sociology

It is the study of the human population and the changes that come in it because of the mortality, migration, births, etc.

Law sociology

Sociology of law studies the law structure, the changes that come in it, and the way it affects the sociological structure.

Industrial Sociology

The labor market, technological changes, starting of new industries, and the development or drawbacks that it brings in the society.

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Sociology Coursework in college?

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