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It's easy to make blunders when you're deeply immersed in writing, focusing solely on the act of putting words on paper. Proofreading your writing before submitting it to your tutor can bring out the best in your writing. But is it enough? what if you still have doubts about your work and need a third perspective? Well in such case you need the help content editing services that will refine your work by using their experience and skills in the field to polish your work to perfection.

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With our Online grammar correction, you can expect to receive meticulously crafted, ready to deliver essays, reports, etc.

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Expert story-telling, consistent content flow and clarity added to your content will elevate overall evaluation experience for your tutors and examiners with help of our online text editor.


Transparent citation

Transparent citation improves information reliability and reflects research gone behind the submission. Leverage expert citation done by our team to elevate quality of your submission 10X with plagiarism check free.

Up-to date information

Informations expire and gets out-dated too fast. Our expert Plagiarism checker ensure your submissions have up-to-date information to warrant positive evaluation.


Comprehensive semantic checks

There is no alternative of content that is easily comprehensible and consistent in subject matter covered. Would you like to ignore any of these?

Best suitable for

Students seeking assignment evaluation
Done with your basic research as well content rephrase and want hand-holding to make your assignments fool-proof? You are at the right place!
Students seeking basic proof-reading
From basic proof-reading to advanced deep-dive citation and paraphrasing, we take care of all your content needs.
Students preparing for advanced reports/presentations
Warranty of authenticity, and quality is crucial when reports are critical. Our online grammar check in English does not compromise on quality when it comes to your credibility.

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At Desklib, our mission is to propel you toward academic excellence so we provide plagiarism check free for students. Our advanced tech based services, expert dedicated editor for every content and unlimited re-edits act as bliss for users. We stand by our promise! We boast an awe-inspiring track record, with users who have showered us with glowing reviews and an average score that is nothing short of extraordinary with our homework help services.