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Avoid grammatical mistakes with the help of desklib grammar checker

Even if you’re a fluent English speaker or just a beginner English Grammar can be confusing and difficult to write. It’s not just about Grammar, it’s about adding commas, and exclamation marks, checking spelling mistakes, and making proper use of nouns and verbs in a sentence while sounding correct too. Have you ever realized after hitting the send button that you’ve made a spelling mistake in the subject line itself? You were in a presentation and forgot to add proper commas and exclamations to your slides. It can be confusing to understand where you need to add apostrophes and commas in a sentence especially when you’re trying to jot down your ideas fastly.

Why use a grammar checker?

Grammar Checker is something that will save you from embarrassment in meetings and help your writing. If you ever have to pitch a client about your product or services, you have to present your ideas crisply and subtly. Especially when the stakes are high, using heavy words in a sentence won’t make that impression. Instead, using simple language with properly written grammar/language can help you crack the deal. So, we have designed a tool such that it will write properly constructed statements from your original written ones.

Free grammar checker tool by Desklib

Our online Grammar checker tool is perfect for those who are writing long and heavy paragraphs and needs a quick check for their text. The best part about this tool is that without wasting time you can just copy-paste the entire text from your word file and within a few minutes the errors will be highlighted. You can check your grammatical errors, and punctuation, and save your time proofreading the text again and again. The spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes are highlighted in such a way that an alternative correction will be suggested in place of the original ones. So, it not only highlights your mistakes but gives you a proper solution to the existing ones. From typos to sentence corrections, grammar checker is everything you’re looking for in a tool.

Importance of grammar checker

The grammar checker tool takes the context of any sentence into account. For example- except and expect when written in a sentence fastly have very high chances of getting misspelt. So depending upon what is the meaning of the sentence and what you are trying to convey through your writing Grammar checker will suggest an alternative. So even if you write the spelling correctly, it will let you know that your context in that particular sentence is wrong. The tool is so fast that when you upload the text in the box, it will give you suggestions within a few seconds and in your preferred language as well. You can skip the logging-in process for faster access to our services. Without signing in we provide access to our tool. So, what are you waiting for? Start better writing with the help of Grammar Checker by Desklib.