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150+ Good Debate Topics for Students

Published - 2022-10-03 Research Topics
150+ Good Debate Topics for Students

Debate is a method of clearly expressing one's thoughts or point of view to a larger audience such that the speaker's case persuades the listeners. But in order to do that, the debtor must first get ready. The choice of the debate issue on which the argument will be built is the first step in this preparation.

Debate is an engaging way to discover the benefits and drawbacks of a topic. It enables the debaters to sway the audience with their arguments and viewpoints.

Finding a topic for a debate that is both current and entertaining can be challenging. An excellent issue is one that is:

  • Fit for the target audience
  • In keeping with the event's theme or contemporary concerns
  • Broad and compelling

We have curated a list of debate topics covering societal issues, and the environment which will help you choose a debate topic that will provide you with a wealth of information; so that in addition to developing your own argument, you'll be aware of any competing viewpoints the other person or the audience might have. As a result, you can refute the claims made by your opponent and demonstrate that you have a solid argument that the audience can accept.

Debate Topics on Social Problems

  • Should a socioeconomic class be used as the basis for affirmative action rather than race or caste?
  • Should people who oppose vaccinations be permitted to talk in public?
  • Should everyone be a vegan?
  • Imposing fines on states is the most effective means of ending child labor.
  • Should schools teach about sexual orientation and gender identity to students?
  • Do people possess free will?
  • Should the LGBTQ+ community be permitted to adopt children?
  • Is Cloning normal and morally correct? 
  • Is using animals as food morally wrong?
  • Is humanity sufficient to prevent people from hurting other people?
  • How about legalizing conversion therapy?
  • Should transitioning be permitted in transgender children before puberty?
  • Is ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) necessary?
  • The state of humanity today is superior to what it will be in 100 years.
  • Should alcohol be taxed more heavily?
  • Individuals' interests are protected by rights, which also fundamentally allow people to make decisions
  • Must reservations be eliminated?
  • Is homosexuality a choice of lifestyle?
  • Are rights established by law or by nature?
  • Is corruption a crime that can be prosecuted?
  • Is the study of human embryonic stem cells justified?
  • Animal rights: a matter of social justice?
  • Working as effectively as men are impossible for women.
  • Men are subject to just as much discrimination as women are.
  • Murderers who have been found guilty should remain in prison forever.
  • Is the right to free expression a privilege or a right?
  • Is civil disobedience ever acceptable?
  • Do stay-at-home women have better parenting skills than working mothers?
  • Can parents be held responsible for their child's obesity?
  • Should organs be made available for sale to individuals?
  • Should polygamous unions be permitted?
  • Is a 21-year-old drinking age a good idea?
  • Are electronic tagging and home detention a light penalty?
  • Is it appropriate to pierce infants' ears?
  • Do individuals have a moral duty to aid others in need?
  • Should models be capped at a certain weight?
  • Should damaging customs and traditions be outlawed?
  • Should galleries display work that is abusive?

Debate Topics on Education 

  • Should school alter their grading policies in light of the pandemic?
  • Should schools stop offering religious instruction that propagates a certain faith?
  • Is conventional university education more effective in boosting the economy than vocational and technical training?
  • There should be equal instruction in all evolutionary theories in schools.
  • Students shouldn't be assigned any homework.
  • Teaching at home is equal to teaching in a classroom.
  • Part-time employment should be promoted among students.
  • Should there be year-round education?
  • It is appropriate to permit corporal punishment in schools.
  • Should there be four days of school per week?
  • Is it OK to permit students to use their phones in class?
  • Should students be taught financial literacy in schools?
  • Does having a diverse student body at a school benefit the students?
  • Should schools permit kids to take time off for mental health reasons?
  • Should meat and dairy be removed from the menu at school cafeterias?
  • Should internet access be restricted for students?
  • Does college life vary from real life?
  • Promote categorical disparity in elite schools?
  • Is the school's grading system effective?
  • Is internet education just as successful as traditional instruction?
  • Does assigning homework accomplish its goal?
  • Should special needs students' support groups be offered in schools?
  • Admission to colleges should only be based on academic performance (merit).
  • Should participation in sports be required at school?
  • Should martial arts instruction be required in schools?
  • It is not appropriate for schools to teach the theory of evolution.
  • Which medium offers greater educational value, books or television?
  • Should educators have access to weapons for self-defense in the classroom?
  • Co-education: beneficial or harmful?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory as a form of attire at schools? 
  • Should students be required to read and write cursive in school?
  • Should students learn about politics in class?
  • Should schools promote global citizenship instead of promoting nationalism in their students?

Debate Topics on Environment 

  • Should the government offer residents incentives to keep their trees intact?
  • Do humans cause climate change?
  • Is a genuine Christmas tree preferable to an artificial one?
  • Should exotic creatures or animals be housed in zoos?
  • Should circus animals be prohibited?
  • Should people be able to smoke in public areas?
  • Should Antarctica be protected or used for human purposes?
  • Should tourism be permitted in Antarctica?
  • Is whaling appropriate?
  • Can fish aquaculture be outlawed?
  • It is impossible to ethically keep wild animals in captivity.
  • Ecocide: Should it be a crime?
  • Is keeping pets morally, right?
  • Should single-use plastics be prohibited?
  • Is it appropriate to replace lawns with edible landscaping?
  • Must animal products be prohibited?
  • Should the extinction of animals be attributed to humans?
  • Is the study of human-animal chimeras moral?
  • Are organic foods more sustainable and healthier than non-organic ones?


You must thoroughly comprehend the debate issue in order to show yourself as a knowledgeable presenter of the subject and to create a speech that can withstand scrutiny. At any time, you should be able to analyze the topic and think critically about it.

You will face a number of tough questions from the opposing party, the individual, or even the audience during the discussion. You must therefore be able to handle each of them immediately.

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