Top Trending 150+ Accounting Research Topics

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150+ Accounting Research Topics

Before, listing the 150+ accounting research topics, you should first know about accounting and accounting research. And, if you are already known to or aware of all these things, then you can jump to the topics lists in order to choose the best trending accounting research topics. Let's go step by step:

What is Accounting?

Accounting is the process of measuring, processing, and sharing financial and other information about businesses and corporations. In The process of accounting, accountants summarize, analyze, and report these transactions to the agencies, regulators, and to those entities which collect these transactions. The financial statements used in accounting are a brief summary of financial transactions done from the account of any company, firm, or organization to any other company or organization.

Accounting research paper topics provide a good pedestal for students where they can show their creativity by writing their ideas comprehensively. But mostly students found this task too difficult to be done as writing a research paper on any topic is not that easy. The main problem arises when choosing a good and impactful topic.

A research paper is a way through which you can express your ideas to a number of people. But before expressing yourself, you need a topic on which you can perform research, and then write down the research done by you in words. In order to find out the most suitable topic for research, you can scroll down the blog, you will find some really good topics of your interest.

Top 15 Auditing Research Topics

  1. Accounting is important in every field.
  2. What are Supply chain relations?
  3. What are the possible risks related to supply chain relations?
  4. Draw the link between management accounting and environmental reporting.
  5. Draw a comparison between the home country and host country outsourcing relations.
  6. How does a manager of the company equate credits and debts within the company?
  7. What is exploratory study notes and describes its efficacy?
  8. How is the cost of quality difference in the current manufacturing environment? And how does it vary from place to place?
  9. What are the requirements of GAAP compliance in the current standards of accounting in the USA?
  10. Which tools are used by accounting management to identify the missing figures? Describe the process and the importance of using these tools.
  11. How can companies reduce the chances of financial fraud?
  12. American banks assess long-term loans. Explain the process with examples.
  13. How do banks handle the bankruptcy of a person? Give a case study.
  14. Increasing the frequency of financial reporting can affect the duration of management. How?
  15. The opinion of a shareholder can affect the performance of a company.

Top 30 Financial Accounting Research Topics

  1. What are the risks involved in accounting systems?
  2. The regulation of financial accounting will direct goodwill impairment treatment.
  3. Discuss the job of the Auditor with the clients.
  4. Give the Market analysis from the perspectives of Cryptocurrencies.
  5. What are the Expected returns in mutual funds?
  6. Explain a few accounting practices that have been used by accountants for so long.
  7. Discuss various accounting theory concepts with real-life examples.
  8. Explain earning management.
  9. What do you mean by discretionary accruals?
  10. What is the role played by micro-loans in the modern finance
  11. How do Small Businesses Bury Themselves in Debt, Leases, and Rent at the very beginning of the new business?
  12. The effect of digital currency on finance and accounting. Explain by giving real-life examples and experiences.
  13. Explain the relationship between corporate disclosure and governance.
  14. Analyze the significance of audits for big corporate houses.
  15. How does social auditing help in rural development?
  16. Explain the concept of a global textual financial statement.
  17. How can a firm ensure the transparency of its accounts?
  18. Explain the challenges of cost faced by the oil and gas sector.
  19. What are the common challenges in financial accounting faced by the hotel and management industry?
  20. How Chartered Accountants Should Handle Accounting, Gambling, and Other Forms of Loosely Regulated Income to make them clean.
  21. Give a detailed study of the limitation and scope and current position of accounting in the e-commerce industry.
  22. Describe the various limitations of finding a reliable accounting system for online sales.
  23. How does the economical and political environment affect accounting theories?
  24. Describe the Phillips curve.
  25. Various theories are given by Adam Smith that is significant for accounting today. Explain.
  26. What are the major factors that determine the valuation of mergers and acquisitions?
  27. How does the services industry generate revenue?
  28. Review the best practices of cash flow globally.
  29. How does the time period affect the process of cash flow?

Top 40 Management Accounting Research Topics

  1. How does the assessment of the financial balance sheets help in making business decisions?
  2. Name the determinants that can help in the progress of financial and accounting reporting.
  3. State some common challenges faced by financial accounting in the hotel industry.
  4. Role of auditors in the banking sector.
  5. How will you analyze fund accounting in the government sector?
  6. Assess the potential risks for companies when they enter a new market.
  7. What is the role played by data management and cloud computing, in accounting information systems?
  8. A review of cost accounting of popular heritage centers globally.
  9. How data quality affects the financial health and status of an organization.
  10. Discuss the mindset of risk-taking in businesses from the perspective of an accountant.
  11. State the importance of inventory management and why it s essential in non-governmental organizations.
  12. How the economic size of a firm, its accounting information system, profitability, and leverage in it are dependent upon each other.
  13. What are the repercussions of bad debt on commercial banks?
  14. Relevance of accounting practices, budgeting, and planning in MNCs.
  15. What kind of investments contributes to business growth?
  16. Draw a line of comparison of strategic management accounting practices between developed and emerging economies.
  17. Do a detailed study of the life of a chartered accountant deployed in the agricultural sector.
  18. How tax incentives are essential for economic growth and industrial development?
  19. How Tax avoidance, evasion, and theft affect economic development and growth.
  20. The best practices and tools to find out the estimated tax on company earnings.
  21. Reform in taxation would benefit small businesses and new startups.
  22. Explain from the perspective of HSBC how banks manage risks.
  23. How do decision support systems increase managerial effectiveness?
  24. How one can add new partners to an account? Explain the process and the challenges associated with this.
  25. Give a review of the best global budgeting practices in both the public and private sectors.
  26. What are the kinds of existing and emerging risks in politically unstable economies?
  27. Give an analysis of Tax Accounting Research Topics.
  28. Analyzing the problems and fluctuations in USA’s taxation system.
  29. Give a detailed overview of how income tax affects start-ups and small businesses.
  30. Critically analyze how the knowledge of accounting and taxation among political leaders can and activists can benefit and lose to a country.
  31. Explore the effects of intellectual capital on the growth and development of huge enterprises and their taxation system.
  32. What do you understand about Tax legislation for the freelance market?
  33. Discuss the steps and policies to ensure fair taxation for freelancers.
  34. What are the major cultural and racial conflicts that prevent accounting from being effective?
  35. Explain how horizontal and vertical communication affects accounting.
  36. Is bad accounting result in poor security of the Corporation?
  37. How can women dominate the field of accounting in this century?
  38. What are the major considerations in terms of ethics and morals in accounting?
  39. Discuss the impacts of effective internal audits on the malfunctioning of state and central ministries.
  40. Can federal agencies in a country be funded effectively?

Top 10 Tax Accounting Research Topics

  1. Is there any way of evaluating the effects of electronic data processing in any community bank?
  2. State some major Ways to ensure effective financial control and comprehensive taxation in both public and private sector organizations.
  3. Describe the vulnerability of accounting systems and personnel in a few corporations.
  4. There are very few pieces of literature available on accounting is this enough for the major accounting students?
  5. Give thorough information on the problems of accounting with respect to partnership firms.
  6. Unique topics for Accounting Research Papers
  7. State the impact of strict governmental guidelines in managing the insurance industry.
  8. How do financial balance sheets help in keeping the accounts in good standing?
  9. What are the biggest dilemmas in the code of ethics in the field of accounting?
  10. Why should financial reporting have common government regulations for all private firms?

Top 15 New Accounting Thesis Topics

  1. Best practices for accounting develop over time, are all these applicable in real life or just a curse?
  2. What is the most effective and easiest method to update accounting systems?
  3. Manual accounting or computerized accounting, which is better?
  4. Is internet-based accounting software available free of cost, and safe for businesses?
  5. Should accountancy and its practices in it be evolved with respect to time?
  6. Should the methods of accounting be kept a secret from the entire world?
  7. Pro Accounting Research Topics
  8. Suggest some online reliable accounting systems for online sales.
  9. Is the retail sector affected by specialist accounting or it is just a myth?
  10. How have new taxation policies and guidelines affected accounting in every field?
  11. What are the best training programs for accounting for beginners at the corporate level?
  12. What are the biggest problems of value and cost that are faced by accountants?
  13. Should both small and mid-size companies have a separate controlling account?
  14. What are the limitations of normative theories in accounting?
  15. Is mobile accounting technology safe for personal use?

Top 10 Bookkeeping Research Topics

  1. What did the main causes of the 2008 global financial crisis arrive globally?
  2. What are the efforts put in by a person to become a certified accountant?
  3. Hot Accounting Research Topics
  4. State some Entrepreneurial internet business and the best financial practices. And the role of an accountant?
  5. What were the points and mistakes common in the Global Financial Crises of 2008, 2012, and 2021, and how it affects the global accounting system?
  6. Is it possible for a Business to follow all the Standard Accounting Methods? What Should be done by the Company to follow all the methods?
  7. Why is live financial and transaction update of a company so essential for accountants?
  8. How can the accounting systems and software be updated and used effectively?
  9. State of the best accounting software companies in the market today?
  10. The influence of offshore gambling on accounting.

13 Forensic Accounting Research Topics

  1. As an accountant how could you make good financial strategies?
  2. What is the need to incorporate the latest accounting software and update the older ones in companies?
  3. Give the benefits of computerized accounting and financial reporting in the banking system.
  4. Use the profit model to explain the effects of total quality management on productivity.
  5. Public expenditure and the effect of accounting
  6. Can internal control lead to accountability in public sector organizations?
  7. Best inventory management practices in management companies
  8. What are the bad effects of misinterpreting information in financial statements?
  9. Evaluate and discuss the Goldman Sachs fraud case.
  10. Explain the relationship between public sector accounting and the financial control system. 
  11. How can an accountant bring Profit maximization and cost minimization using working capital management?
  12. Is forensic accounting making auditing easier?
  13. How can forensic accountants decrease the risks in small businesses?

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