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Homework and why is it important?

Homework and why is it important?
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Hey! viewer welcome here to the new session of " homework " and my it's important. So, stay tuned read carefully is it really helpfull for you.

Students has long and lack of interest relationship with their homework. Once a great reformer said homework is making stress to kids and students mind, some districts of worldwide ban and less homework for all grades under seventh.

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I don’t think so this anti-homework sensational sentiment vitiates mind of students. Now you don’t need to do more work you can get online study help in 2020 digitization era. It open homework culture toward creativity and enjoyment with any study stress.

Defination of Homework

"Homework" is the set of activities, work and tasks like reading, writing, solving sums, etc. assigned to students by the teachers for students to do outside the school or class.

Students learn a lot of things at school and about different subjects and topics and when they go back home they tend to forget things.

The purpose behind homework is to keep the students in the practice of what is being taught in the class so that they remember and understand it deeply.

Homework is an essential thing for students but sometimes it becomes a big burden for them. Teachers need to understand the balance that has to be kept between studies and other daily activities. Excess of anything will be bad for the students.

Is homework beneficial?

Homework may look like a burden to students but it, in fact, plays an important role in discipline and education development of students. Here are the reasons why homework is important for students.

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Homework helps in involving parents in their child’s education. Parents become aware of what their child is being taught and how they are progressing with it. Parents' involvement in their child’s education matters a lot so that they could help them later in their career choices.

Students could forget things they study at school if they don’t practise it. Homework helps students in retaining the things they study by studying again and practising them at home. It makes studies more effective and easier to study during exams

Managing to do their homework on their own makes students much more disciplined and dedicated to their studies. Most of the things that students learn or will learn will be done on their own and homework prepares them for that by making them independent

Students make good use of the time that they are left with after doing all the other activities at their home. They are often left with some free time which they mostly spend in unproductive activities, having something productive to do will make good use of their day and free time.

Disadvantages of homework

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Why does homework feel like a burden to students? There are reasons for it which give us the following disadvantages of homework

Homework can affect students’ health. It often becomes a reason for their sleeplessness, headache and stress and that will affect their health as well as academic performance. Homework can take a shift from being effective to being a burden and that will not be good for students in any way

Students need to keep a balance between their extracurricular activities and their school or college work. When they are burdened with a lot of homework, they do not get time to spend time with their friends and families or to do what they like and that results in stress. Everyone needs time for themselves as well to spend with their loved ones and homework takes that away from students

When they find it difficult to manage, students often just copy the homework from someone or somewhere. Homeworks builds stress and proves ineffective here because students do not find it interesting and they learn nothing from it. If students do not find studies interesting, whatever they are studying won’t remain in their heads.

How does homework affect kids in good and bad ways?

Homework for kids can be useful but is also taking away the valuable time they have for themselves. It has been found in research that kids who do their homework remember things better and performs well in school and some other researches show that that homework is actually affecting children’s health. Students should only be given a little homework that they could effectively manage to do without being burdened. No homework is not good as well because it can affect the academics of young learners more

There has been a lot of debate on whether homework is good or bad for students. Here the main points that are being put forward in these debates

Homework is necessary?

Homework is necessary for students. They cannot remember everything they are being taught unless they practise it continuously and that is the main purpose of homework. If students are not given work to be done at home, they will waste their time doing unnecessary things. Homework makes them disciplined and independent

Is it bad for students?

There is a lot of time that students spend studying at their schools and colleges but it should not start entering into their social life and life outside the institution.

They need time for themselves and if they won’t get it, it will start affecting their health. Homework should therefore not be given to the students


There are both pros and cons of homework for students. Considering all the points we can see that homework is necessary and effective but there has to be a limit to it. It should not become a burden and start affecting their social or personal life