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Importance of Punctuality For Student, Work, and Success

Importance of Punctuality For Student, Work, and Success
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Have you ever been to Japan? Those who have and those who live in Japan, are already familiar with the concept of punctuality. The country even had an incident where the rail company apologized for not being on time (as they were 25 seconds early). Those who have never been to Japan, answer this, have you missed a flight just because you were taking that 5-minutes nap? Have you been regardless of the due date and extended to pay the taxes on the very last day? Have you ever made a To-Do-List but never have been able to follow it? Then you are aware of the concept of punctuality. 

Hence in this blog, we will share the Importance of Punctuality and some Techniques to improve it.

What is Punctuality and why it is important?

The commitment of achieving a task by completing it on time, and also the skill of managing time is known to be the concept of punctuality. However, this concept is not only restricted to arriving everywhere at the given time, but it is way beyond it. Punctuality is much more concentrated on attending, fulfilling, and delivering everything you are trusted with on or before time, rather than being late. 

When you become Punctual, people acknowledge you and everything you have to say. You can also increase self-confidence and trust your decision with surety. Becoming punctual leads to everything falling right where you wanted and makes your life more comfortable.

Reasons for not being Punctual

It can be countless reasons behind a person not being punctual, but mostly it depends on the mindset of a person. Let's see some reasons for it:

-    We all have heard that important people and VIPs are the last ones to arrive, which creates a mindset that being late is deriving the idea that you were busy and have a ton of work. The thing which people don’t know is being late delivers the idea that you don’t care enough to be on time, and also showcases your laziness. 

-    There are people which like to relax and let the time pass their mindset stays with the clock. For example, have you heard someone say “I will start getting ready at 5:45 so that I can be there at 6”? What they don’t know is that they cannot fly, they don’t have access to Anywhere Door, and they cannot apparat or have portkey like Harry potter unless they have. 

-    A few struggle to multitask, as they say, they like to take it slow. Completing every single task at one time gives them pleasure. I mean how can you watch a movie and eat popcorn at the same time, and how are you able to drive and look on the road at the same time. Multitasking is as simple as that; you just need to grow out of your comfort zone. 

-    Being disorganized is also a reason behind lacking out of the schedule for many people. A disciplined person always takes care of things that are essential at the time of crisis, however, a disorganized person won't even be able to find a key in their pocket. Disorganization can lead to lacking punctuality because if you can't access the necessary stuff for the place you need to be, you are eventually late. 

Importance of Punctuality in student life 

Acquiring the habit of punctuality to attend and be everywhere on time can benefit the student in various ways while making them disciplined and ready for a successful future.

Improves self-confidence -When you become punctual, the driving gear of your life comes right into your own hands. A punctual person already knows what are their limits and how they can cross those limits, which provides self-confidence also a sense of control over all bad compulsions and habits. Also, when you prove everyone around you wrong about the perceptions they had of you, your self-confidence will grow immensely. 

Provides growth in academics - When you are punctual, you plan all your assignments, tasks, and test schedule, which provides you scope for planning and maintaining a routine that can lead to your academic growth, and makes you an excellent student. It also provides you time to learn new things, by planning your academic routine and achieving it on time.

Creates a disciplined mindset that can result in a successful future -You do not want to end up like that lazy adult, who has a messed house, a bank account in minus, and no one there to care for you. Being punctual can also ensure a successful future, when your desire to fulfil everything before time, you achieve a disciplined mindset that knows what is important and what is not. 

Builds a strong character- When you were a little young, we all have those class representatives, the kinds that were favourites of every mentor. Those kids were treated differently because they showcased integrity and allowed every teacher to know that he/she is a good kid and can be relied on for every responsibility. That is creating a character, a strong, reliable, and good human character. That kid was able to achieve all those because he was punctual with homework, assignments, and established a good result in academics and extracurricular. Being punctual can also make that happen for you by building up your character strong and reliability.  

Makes a person trustworthy - In a group project, you always want the most intelligent person to be your partner, why? because you can trust that person, to know all the answers. If you are the most intelligent one, you want the other intelligent people so that they can contribute and be trustworthy. Trust comes with responsibility, and punctuality makes you a responsible person by which others can also be relaxed that you will complete the task on time. 

It provides a path for a healthy lifestyle - A healthy lifestyle is a choice, just like punctuality, when you complete your routine on time, you can get enough time to sleep, eat, exercise, and healthily maintain your life. 

Tips to be Punctual

If you have decided that you want to be punctual, certain tips can help you and change your habit by making you disciplined and punctual. 

Setting a goal and understanding its importance 

First, you need to acknowledge that your five minutes are five minutes, and you cannot accomplish that task in 5 minutes, because you have a punctuality issue. Starting up with creating a goal can help you accomplish your task with success, but you also need to understand why that task is important. For example, if you have to arrive somewhere at 5, acknowledge the importance of what might happen if you arrive at 5:10, also if you leave late and drive fast it can result in an accident and ruin your life.  

Tracking your activities without pitting yourself

Make a list of things you need to do in a day, and be reasonable with how much time you require to fulfil that task. Then analysing your schedule and making it stricter and more accurate can help you achieve your goal. 

Changing the mindset about things that make you late

Your mindset might be your only barrier in letting you become punctual, you need to acknowledge being early is also important, as it gives you time to prepare. Also, social media and other distractions will only waste your time rather than help you. 

Preparing a time cushion for yourself

A time cushion is the extra time balance you give yourself, in case of an emergency or when things don’t go as planned. Even when you have your schedule and to-do list certain things are out of your control, such as traffic or nature. So, giving yourself a time cushion can help you even if you get stuck in traffic, rain, or a cyclone, to fulfil the task on time. 

All these tips can help you become a more punctual being and manage your time effectively, most of the time your mindset stops you to adapt discipline in life. Punctuality can build your career, character, and life if you choose to become one. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Why is punctuality important as a leader?

Punctuality is important for every human being, a person who wants to become a leader requires to be responsible and trustworthy. A leader is someone who other people look up for inspiration. Punctuality can make it possible as a punctual human is trustworthy, and reveals strength and integrity, which makes them a great leader. George Washington would never have become the first president if he was late at the oath-taking ceremony. 

How does punctuality lead to success?

A punctual person is well aware of what is important and what is not, controlling a large part of your life can be possible if you become punctual. Also, a person who is punctual lives a disciplined lifestyle where everything important is achieved with excellence, which eventually leads to success. 

How can one improve punctuality?

Being punctual is a skill that you cannot learn in a day, it requires practice and hard work just like any other skill. 

  • You can track your movement and know what takes the most time and what takes the least, by which you manage your schedule. 
  • Preparing a TO-DO-list is recommended for effective results. 
  • Making a mind map of your priorities can help
  • Preparing a time cushion can also be helpful

How does punctuality affect learning?

At exam time students push their studies to the very end, which reduces their time to acquire all the knowledge and eventually result in failed or average results. Being punctual can help a person to manage and prepare a schedule for everything they want to learn, and it can even spare time for acquiring even more knowledge than planned. 

Why is punctuality important at work?

A punctual employee is an asset of every organization, if you are punctual at work:

  • Your subordinates will respect and trust you. 
  • You will achieve success 
  • You can complete all the projects on time, and achieve your targets before others leave the scope for improvement.