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Social science1There are six disciplines (sociology, anthropology, psychology, gerontology, political science,and economics) that we study in this course.There are several similarity and relation betweentwo and more disciplines5 ways how sociology relates topolitical scienceSociology and political science are related to each other in a numerous way and one becomesmeaningless without other.Sociology has its main roots in politics science. Sociology is the fundamental socialscience, which is beneficial in the refining the behavior and reaction of individual anddetermines the facts and the laws of life as a whole. On the other hand, political sciencedeals with the political life of a man.Sociology is the science of society whereas political science deals with mainly concernedwith the state and government.Political science is the base of social science which deals with the principles ofgovernment and organization of human society. Thus, the field of sociology plays amajor role in the subject matter of political science.The other relation state that political science used for the social welfare of society, thegovernment makes laws for society welfare; the government also removes social evilssuch as poverty, unemployment, and dowry from society by using political laws andregulation.
Social science2Various aspects of political science are based on sociology thus sociology studies thepolitical activities through the help of political science.5 ways in which sociology related to economics (Kumar, B. (2015).Economics is one branch of the comprehensive science of sociology. Economics dealswith the economic activities of man similarly sociology are also dealt human behaviorand determining the laws and facts as a whole.Economics deals with choices in the presence of scarcity of goods and service, whichdepends on human behavior whereas sociology studies human behavior and how theirbehavior helps in making choices.Economics and sociology are complementary to each other and bears a close relation tosocial activities. Thus, society and social behavior play a vital role in determining theeconomic activities.Society is doing consumption, and creative demand whereas economics determined theprice and production for their demand.Economical welfare is considered as social welfare, economics welfare can't bedetermined without the knowledge of social laws.5 ways in which economics related to political science (Kumar, B. 2015).Politics is the study of laws and regulation and how this law can be determined throughgovernment, elections and political party whereas economics study the impact of this lawon economy whether this law stimulates economic growth or hampered it.
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