1. Belonging, becoming and being in an education. As pe

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1.Belonging, becoming and being in an educationAs per the National Objectives of Education, the organization focuses on achieving the followingeducational goals for the students—The schooling system should promote the excellence and equityAll the young students should be developed as a successful learner. The children should alsodevelop confidence, creativity and informed citizens.2.The effectiveness of the serviceThe service is effective for developing a stronger partnership among the children, educator and thefamilies. The service also focuses on promoting the quality teaching and making the early childhoodeducation stronger. The service also gives importance on promoting the quality curriculum andassessment among the students.3.Philosophy statementThe service aims at promoting quality education and meeting the development needs of the children.The service also gives importance on ensuring quality education for young Australian children from allbackground.4.Outlining the serviceThe services are based on the National Quality Framework (NQF) and the Early Years LearningFramework (EYLF). The services are developed in such a way so that the children learn to explore,communicate, discover things, engage with others, reflect their imagination and creativity in theiractivities.The EYLF gives importance on developing the children through fun. The educators, therefore, givesimportance on creating the experience and fostering the environment for guiding the playing andlearning journeys for them.The curriculum gives importance on quality programming, using observations and educating the childrenthrough predictable routines. The educators consider every child as a learner. The educators alsorecognize that learners have different needs which can be identified through evaluation, observationand consultation with parents. The educators also give importance on considering the own environmentof children while focusing on their optimum development.
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