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1Answer 1:The location at that evening demonstrated the concerning example i.e. the speech ofChappaquiddick which might be having the intended gesture of logics in order to rescue thegeneral picture of Kennedy's population. Further, Kennedy himself as the victim of the picture ora scene by which he doesn’t require any control. The first half was discussed about the utilizationand the discourse which the exploitation's story was stating through the wrath of the voters ofMassachusetts. Then, the mischance of the auto took place with the lady Marxist-Leninist JoKopechne (Griffiths, C., & Cos, G. 2007). Moreover, the mischance was highlighted once on theIsland of Chappaquiddick. The obligations of Kennedy were vague in relation to the accident,and the reports were delayed in setting up the situation where he faced the criminal charges alongwith the scolds of government funds. Furthermore, defining the mischance in which the lady(Marxist-Leninist Jo Kopechne) died. Kennedy blamed the lighting, bridge’s slenderness alongwith the haziness.Answer 2:The scene was about the accident. Further, Kennedy might be going under the trialsand on July 25 in order to be liable for fleeing the scenes in relation to the mishap. Moreover, atthat night around 7.30, Kennedy convinced the paramount of the Island Chappaquiddick’sdiscourse of the funds of the government. Furthermore, in the speech, the onlooker’s group ofelementary might have hindered the nationals in relation to the Massachusetts. The gathering ofthe individuals has become the subject of the US. It has been observed that the Kennedy drovehis car on Marxist-Leninist Jo Kopechne and fled from the place by leaving her behind in orderto die and as a result, the lady died (Cos, G. 2016).Answer 3:The agents are being defined as the voters, and the inconsistency might bedetermined through re-assigning the Massachusetts voters to a part of productiveness and furtherallowing Kennedy in order to proceed further. Similarly, agonize unfolding the scene or the
2situation at the end and the energy which is put in the drama doesn’t exaggerate the contention toa great extent. It has been observed that the agents are being treated as an important part of thecase because the voters were fighting for the right of the lady and they wanted Kennedy to bepunished because he drove the car on the lady and left her at that particular place in order to die.Personally, I believe that the agents played a crucial role in the cases which include the criminalcharges as the agents help in changing the perception of the law to a great extent if they are notable to see the truth and a victim is able to get the justice at any cost.Answer 4:The vagueness includes the accumulation of the things which were done previously,the other content and the context could be translated as the alternate office of the agonized belowthe heading in relation to the scene or the picture in the discourse once Grenada and Lebanon.Furthermore, the view point of the adaptation is looking into the picture which meets therequirements along with the gathering of the information and also demonstrates the constraints ofthe operations against the investment of America. Moreover, the troops of the Syria or thebomber of the truck for the distinct contexts might work as the agent of immaculate, alternatelythe contenders of anti-Israel which works as the agency will further remain undisputed.Therefore, in the speech, they worked dramatically as the essential components of the scene orthe picture, and they were also treated as an important aspect of the speech which further madethe speech very interesting.Answer 5:The purpose of the speech is to describe the mishap which was clinched and killedthe Marxist-Leninist Jo Kopechne. Furthermore, Kennedy blamed the lighting as there was theabsence of the lights, the bridge’s slenderness, and the street’s murkiness even without theguardrails. Also, Kennedy noticed that the ears were being filled with water quickly and he wasbeing perplexed due to the darkness of water, coldness and the occasions of sudor. For the
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