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Communication Theory : Assignment

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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1Answer 1:The act is about entering a plea of guilty after running from the accident scene and left the ladybehind in order to drown. Further, Kennedy got an opportunity in order to talk to Massachusettspeople to tell them about the incident. Kennedy felt that he was being victimized by the sceneand he was not even having any control. Kennedy discussed the utilization, and the discoursewhich the exploitation's story was stating through the wrath of the people of Massachusetts andthe mischance took place with the lady Marxist-Leninist Jo Kopechne. Moreover, the accidenttook place on the Island of Chappaquiddick (Cos, G. 2016). It is being observed that theobligations of Kennedy were vague in relation to the accident, and the reports were delayed insetting up the situation where he faced the criminal charges along with the scolds of governmentfunds. Furthermore, defining the accident in which the lady (Marxist-Leninist Jo Kopechne)died. Kennedy blamed the lighting, bridge’s slenderness along with the haziness.Answer 2:The scene is about the accident which took place on the Island of Chappaquiddick. Kennedy isgoing to the trials as he flew from the scene on July 18. Further, he described the scene to theMassachusetts people by stating that he and Mary Jo left the party around 11:15 at night andKennedy was driving the car, and soon they entered into a narrow bridge which didn't have anyguard railings and was developed on the left angle. Then, the car was overturned in a pond andwas filled with water immediately. Further, Kennedy felt the drowning sensation but somehowmanaged to survive, and he made continuous efforts to save Mary Jo but he failed, and she died.He even explained in his speech that he didn't escape from the responsibilities but he forgot toinform the police about the accident, and he is being traumatized because of the accident.
2Answer 3:The agent is that he doesn’t have any control of the scene. So, Kennedy is seeking advice frompeople of Massachusetts in order to take the right decision. It has been observed that the citizensare being treated as an important part of the case because the citizens always fight for the rightand they ensure that the victim should get justice at any cost and the criminal should bepunished. Also, Kennedy share a strong bond with the agents as he had his 1stelection to senateseven years back and since then he is serving to the people of Massachusetts (Mandell, H., &Chen, G. M. 2016). Therefore, according to Kennedy the citizens plays a crucial role in his casewhich includes the criminal charges and will help Kennedy in order to take the right decision andfollow the right path as he shares a strong connection with them and also have various memorieswith them while serving the people of Massachusetts.Answer 4:The agency is being defined as the methods which are available in order to make a report. Forexample, the police reports. Further, the complete report on the accident was published in thenewspapers which impacted the image of the Kennedy to a great extent as he stood for theelections to the senate in order to serve the people of Massachusetts. The role of the agency is tocreate awareness among people in order to support the victim. Moreover, the agencies whichplayed a crucial rule in the case of Kennedy were Club House of TPC Sawgrass and Beach ofPonte Verde. Furthermore, the overall image of the Kennedy has impacted adversely due to theagency and the people of Massachusetts were against him until he got an opportunity to give aspeech to the people of Massachusetts in order to take the right decision and face reality.
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