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Object Oriented Development with Java (CT038-3-2)Page 1 of 91.0COURSEWORK TITLEFREIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM2.0THE COURSEWORK OVERVIEW7SEAS is one of the few leading shipping corporations in USA who provide freightforwarding services on certain licenced routes between New York and Yonkers ports.7SEAS has various shipping companies as their clients who lease their ships for contractswith 7SEAS. These clients are paid for the lease period. 7SEAS in additional has variousshippers as their customers. They book ships for freight forwarding from one port to anotherport available within the licenced routes offered to 7SEAS. You are required to develop anapplication to maintain the various ships, and various freights of the shippers of 7SEAS.The users should be able to enter, search, edit, and view personnel information of clients(shipping companies) and also enter, view, and edit shippers (customers) and their freightsbased on different access priority. This application will be used by three users of the systemnamely Administrators, Clients and Shippers. In addition the application also shouldprovide an estimate to the shippers when they choose the source and destination for theirfreights to be shipped based on various conditions. More details are available in section 6.0.In addition, a supporting document is needed to reflect the design of the implementationcodes and the implementation details that utilises the object oriented programmingconcepts.3.0OBJECTIVES OF THIS COURSEWORK-Develop the practical ability to describe, justify, and implement an object orientedsystem.4.0LEARNING OUTCOMESAt the end of this coursework, you should be able to:-Understand the techniques of Object Oriented design. -Develop hands-on programming skill in developing java applications -Design and implement Object Oriented software systems -Select appropriate Object Oriented techniques to solve software development problemsLevel 2Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation2016
Object Oriented Development with Java (CT038-3-2)Page 2 of 95.0TYPE-Individual Assignment6.0COURSEWORK DESCRIPTION6.1Client Management (Shipping Companies)The developed system should be menu driven and the menu should be repeated until theuser opts to exit the system. You as an Object-oriented programming student need toidentify the relationship among the entities and also develop the necessary methods neededto fulfil the requirements of the expected systems.The main functionality of the system should include the following:Add/Edit/Delete/Search shipping companies tied up with 7SEASType of leasing the client has signed up with 7SEAS.Lease amount the client will get upon signing the lease with 7SEASThis option is used to manage the various clients who lease their ships to 7SEAS. Thisoption should allow add/edit/delete/search for the various clients of 7SEAS and their type oflease with 7SEAS.6.1.1Leasing Service7SEAS has various shipping companies as its clients who have relationship with thecompany by leasing their own ships to be operated by 7SEAS on its licensed routes. Theyare paid for this service by 7SEAS based on the type of ship and leasing period. Differenttype of ships available with 7SEAS is shown below for your understanding.Level 2Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation2016
Object Oriented Development with Java (CT038-3-2)Page 3 of 9Figure 1.0: Types of Ships available in 7SEAS6.1.2Types of Leasing7SEAS accepts two types of leasing: hireThis type of lease usually goes for three years or more, after which the client cansell or scrap the ship - the leasing company will not want it any more. Leaseamount is less compared to the other type since the lease is only over a shortspan of time. The lease amount is exponential to the number of years leased. leasingIf shipping companies are considering operating leasing their ships with 7SEAS,the following points should be noted:it is useful if shipping companies don't need the equipment for its entireworking lifethe leasing company will take the asset back at the end of the leasethe lease amount will be comparatively higher than the other type ofleasing.Level 2Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation2016

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