1. Describe how marketing functions within the larger o

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1. Describe how marketing functions within the larger organization (internally) and within itsenvironments (externally) including the goals and expected outcomes of this department.Marketing functions both internally and externally. It must be noted that within theorganization and within its environment, marketing functions in such a way so that theobjective and goals of the organization can be met in a proper way. Consulting a wide rangeof literature on the subject of internal marketing within an organization it must be said thatemployee engagement does matter and internal marketing promotes employee engagement toa large extent. Sometimes it is quite observable that there is the internal marketing umbrellathat includes the idea of responsibility through selling internally and this facilitates internalcommunication in a clearer manner (Sanchez-Hernandez & Grayson, 2012). Suchphenomenon enhances corporate volunteering and it also has the potential to bring about thepossibility to become social intrapreneur (Sanchez-Hernandez & Grayson, 2012). A socialintrapreneur has the ability to align employees’ needs with corporate responsibility goals to alarge extent in a thorough manner. The external marketing functions should be poised in sucha manner that the growth factor of both the internal and external environment is balanced. Inthis context it must be noted that there is a great responsibility of marketing managers tomotivate employees and ensure the balance. Marketing managers, in order to accomplish theexpected goals of the department appeasing the internal and external factors must try to bemore proactive and they must try to introduce the marketing function in all the related humancapital issues (Sanchez-Hernandez & Grayson, 2012). It must be taken into account thatmarketing managers must understand employees’ wants and needs and they should be promptand efficient in selling internally responsibility goals because such selling would makeexternal efforts more appropriate in developing a responsible strategy that would pave theway for success (Sanchez-Hernandez & Grayson, 2012).
2. Explain how companies create customer-centered businesses and describe what impactsthe consumer decision-making process.Companies can create customer-centric business and such approach can impact positively onthe consumer decision-making process. Companies can initiate customer-centric business bydoing business in a way that paves for the way of the emergence of a positive customerexperience in pre- and post-sale period. Such approach would make it possible for thecompany to drive repeat business and it would help the company in obtaining customerloyalty which is one of the most importance components of the profit-earning mechanism. Itshould be noted that a customer-centric company is always more impressing and effectivethan a company that merely offers good services to the customer (MacDonald, 2017). Theconsumer decision making process is positively impacted by a company’s customer-centricapproach and this can be argued by citing the fact that customer centricity is not about onlyoffering great customer service; rather, customer centrism is a way to offer customers greatexperiences through the awareness of stage that can be recognized by the purchasing processand finally through the process that takes place after toe purchase, i.e., the post-purchaseprocess (MacDonald, 2017). Putting your customer first is the primary principle of thecustomer-centric approach and this can improve the core of the business which is reliant oncustomers in a thorough manner. But it must be noted that there are some specific challengesin emerging into a customer-centric business. One must take into account the fact that thoseare the winning and successful companies that have succeeded in building a relationship withthe customers that exist for a long-term without any disruption.3. Describe what tools are used to make effective marketing decisions.There are several important tools that are used to make effective marketing decisions. Amarketing decision support systems (MDSS) is an essential tool in this regard. MDSS is a
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