High risk construction work safe work method statement

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High risk construction work safe work method statement templateNote: Work must be performed in accordance with this safe work method statement (SWMS). This SWMS must be kept and be available for inspection until the high risk construction work to which this SWMS relates is completed. If the SWMS is revised, every version should be kept.If a notifiable incident occurs in relation to the high risk construction work in this SWMS, the SWMS must be kept for at least 2 years from the date of the notifiable incident.Person conducting a businessor undertaking (PCBU):Jack SmithPrincipal Contractor (PC)John WilsonWorks Manager::David jonesDate SWMS provided to PC:Click here to enter a date.Work activity:[Job description]Workplace location:Click here to enter text.High risk construction work:Risk of a person falling more than 2 metres (note: in some jurisdictions this is 3metres)Work on atelecommunicationtowerDemolition of load-bearing structureLikely to involvedisturbingasbestosTemporary load-bearing support for structural alterations or repairsWork in or near aconfinedspaceWork in or near a shaft or trench deeper than 1.5 m or a tunnelUseofexplosivesWork on or near pressurised gas mains or pipingWork on or near chemical, fuel orrefrigerantlinesWork on or near energised electrical installations or servicesWork in an area that may have a contaminated orflammableatmosphereTilt-up or precast concrete elementsWork on, in or adjacent to a road, railway, shipping lane or other traffic corridor in use by traffic other thanpedestriansWork in an area with movement of poweredmobileplantWork in areas with artificial extremes of temperatureWork in or near water or other liquid that involves a riskofdrowningDiving work

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