Impact of Culture on Buying Behavior


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1How culture can be related to buying behaviorAs Hofstede has mentioned in his paper, the presence of culture is there in every part of thesociety now. It is penetrated into the minds of people in such a way that they feel thinks and actsas per their cultural norms that they have learned (Hofstede, 1991). So, when the people go outfor buying something, they take their decision as per their culture. For example, if a lady goesout for buying a dress in the international market, she will select the dress as per her country'sculture. This is not done intentionally, but her likes, dislikes, and choices are as per they culturethat she is living in. (Pornpitakpan & Han, 2013) have investigated ‘The effect of culture and salespersons’ retailservice quality on impulse buying.' They have found that customers from collectivistic cultureswould rather go with high service quality, while competitive advantage over other brands is whatattracts customers from individualistic cultures. This shows that the buyers from the collectivistcultures have a taste for quality products, and they do not consider price as an important factor.But, if the people from individualistic culture go out for buying, they prefer unique andcompetitively advanced products. So, they pick the products as per their cultural backgrounds. I like to travel a lot. I have been to many adventurous places in the past. My ideal diving holidayis to Durban, South Africa. I have chosen this because I come from a masculine society where Ihave been taught to be tough, assertive and ambitious. So, I like to take up challenging things,and I like to compete with others. Thus my culture has a major impact on my diving decision.
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