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Running head: MASTERS IN INFORMATION IN SYSTEMSMasters in Information in Systems: Portfolio 4Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note

1 MASTERS IN INFORMATION IN SYSTEMSPortfolio 4Part A-Justification 1. Example of Listening and Verbal CommunicationI have understood that having proper verbal and communication skill is necessary as it isan important part of professional life. I have used my listening and verbal communication skillswhile attending the important lectures of the unit. The listening skills have helped me inunderstanding the course learning in an effective manner and I have used by communicationskills to effectively communicate with the lecturers. 2. Effective Use of reading skills The reading skills are necessary in order to properly develop an academic document. Ihave used my reading skills in preparation of this document as in portfolio one, I had to readdifferent journal papers to produce the report. 3. Team Work and Interpersonal SkillsThis course consisted of projects that were to be completed with a team. I have been animportant part of the team and tried to motive my fellow team members in performing their workon time. The team had faced certain issues such as clashes in decision among the team members.I showed my professional and interpersonal skills to settle the dispute among the team membersso the work is completed within the time. 4. Example of assessment task

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