COIT20249 Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICTProfessional Skills for ICTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICTPortfolio 4Part A- JustificationAnswer to question 1I prepared the document for Portfolio 1 and I presented mys assignment verbally tomy professors which show that I have the required interpersonal skills as well as the verbalcommunication skills.Answer to question 2While conducting this assignment at the time of completion of the portfolio 3 I had towork on a case study. I had to read the case study well and had to answer a couple ofquestions, so that signifies my reading skills.Answer to question 3I completed the assignment with the assistance of my friends. At the time completionof completion of portfolio 2, we discuss the topic and my friends help me in writing thereflective writing part of the portfolio 2.Answer to question 4I have mentioned about the ethical behaviours, social aspects and privacy aspects withrespect to ICT in the Portfolio 1. The ransomware has been discussed by me in the Portfolio,the details of the ransomware and its viral effect has been elaborated in Portfolio 1. As aresult of this ransomware virus, there is a chance of sensitive data breach and privacy of theusers can be threatened. Therefore security measures must be taken to control theransomware virus. The privacy and legacy aspects in relation to ICT have been illustrated.

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