Rooting, Jailbreaking, Acquisition Techniques in Mobile Forensics


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1. Please discuss the screen lock by passing techniques in Android devices. Our discussion shouldinclude a scenario where these techniques might be useful to gather data out of the mobile device. Explanation: Using Safe Mode to Unlock Android phone pattern lock:It’s a simple and effective solution to know how to unlock pattern on Android device. This solution willonly work with the third-party lock screen apps. If we are using our phone’s built in lock feature, then itmight not work. Restarting our phone in Safe Mode, we can easily move-past is patternlock without anytrouble.Below are the steps:-1. Long press the Power button to get the Power menu on screen.2. Tap and hold the “Power off” option.3. One pop-up message will be displayed as shown in following image. Agree and reboot phone in SafeMode.
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4. When device is rebooted in Safe Mode then the third-party lock screen will automatically be disabled.Afterwards also we can go to device’s Settings -> Apps, and there remove the third-party application. Unlocking pattern lock with factory resetConsider this as our last option as it will wipe all the data and saved settings on our device permanently.As the name suggests, our device would be restored to its original settings.. Let us now learn how to unlock pattern by performing a factory reset. For that we need to perform thesesteps:1. Enter the Recovery Mode on device. For this Press the Home key + Power button + Volume Up key ata time.2. The above key combination may be different for different android device.3. Use the Volume Up and Down key to traverse and the Power/Home button to pick and choose.
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4. Choose the wipe data/factory reset option to implement pattern unlock.5. Confirm your choice so as to factory reset your device.6. Wait for a while as your phone will execute the needed operations.7. Now you can choose to reboot your phone and access it without any lock screen.
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Q-2:- Please discuss rooting an Android device and jail broken an iOS device with respect to whatdata is available before and after these procedures. In our discussion please also briefly discuss thelegal issues performing those procedures. Ans :- Rooting is a method which allows all smartphone users to run the Android operating system toachieve all restricted access (Also called as Root Access). Linux is used in Android operating systems. Rooting gives the access to executive permissions as onLinux or Unix-based operating system such as Mac Operating SystemDevice is rooted to overcome the limitations which are placed by manufacturers. Thus rooting allowsswitching system apps and their settings, running certain apps that need an administrative permissions etc.Rooting a device can also provide the entire new version of operating system, generally to downgrade orupgrade the version of software. Pros:-Rooting device include the possibility for complete control over the look and feel of the device. It givesaccess to all system files.Full application control, including backup, restore, or edit applications, or to removebloat warethatusually is pre-installed by manufacturers.Custom programmed system-level processes through the use of third-party applications.Full control of the kernel, like CPU, GPU etc.Installation of Custom ROM for better control over device and access full potential of it.How to easily root an Android deviceThe KingoRoot application is not available on playstore. That is why we need to download KingoRootAPK and install it by allowing third-party app access.
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