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UTEC3015 - Understanding Technology Assignment

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Understanding Technology (UTEC3015)


Added on  2020-04-15

UTEC3015 - Understanding Technology Assignment


Understanding Technology (UTEC3015)

   Added on 2020-04-15

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Understanding Technology(UTEC3015) Name: Student Number: Lecturer name: Autumn 17Assessed Learning Outcomes:1.Describe the scope of hardware and software currently in use and the technological advances taking place.2.Describe ways in which computing science and information technology can contribute to the sustainability of economic, human and natural resources.3.Describe the relationships between digital computing networks and wider digital cultures and society.
UTEC3015 - Understanding Technology Assignment_1
Assignment QuestionsThis is your Understanding Technology Portfolio. Please save a copy on your computerand back it up regularly (e.g. by saving it on your computer / in the cloud (e.g. GoogleDrive) / emailing it to yourself). At the end of the course, you need to submit thiselectronic copy via the GSM Student Portal. Please refer to suggested word counts foreach task included within this portfolio. WeekContentsPageLearningoutcomesWeek 1-3Prepare a power point presentation (no morethan 8 slides) on the hardware and softwareused by Fairphone and how it compares to otherphones on the market.Visit: presentation should be aestheticallydesigned with images and short bullet points.Place screenshots of your presentation in theportfolio.4LO1Week 4-6Discuss the role of social networking and thewisdom of crowds in helping businesses toimprove their digital marketing strategies.Note: You can include the following features:subheadings, bullet points, charts and graphs asrelevant.5LO2Week 7-10Discuss the innovative approaches thatcontribute to Fairphone’s vision of a sustainableand fair economy.6LO3
UTEC3015 - Understanding Technology Assignment_2
Task 1- Presentation task Prepare a power point presentation (no more than 8 slides) on the hardware andsoftware used by Fairphone and how it compares to other phones on the market.Your presentation should be aesthetically designed with images and short bulletpoints.Place screenshots of your presentation in the portfolio.Title:Fairphone – Hardware and Software (Presentation (no more than 8 slides), Description (word count: suggested 500 words))
UTEC3015 - Understanding Technology Assignment_3
Slide note: This company uses creative and innovative approaches to do things in a different and unique manner. Its ambition is to maintain a fair economy and pay attention to the human values ( 2017). Fairphone uses several approaches such as use of fair materials, long-lasting designs, reuse, recycle and maintain good and safe working conditions for contributing to its vision of a fair and sustainable economy.
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