Reflecting on Organizational Behavior: Personal Experience and Theories


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`Reflective Essay
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1Reflective Learning is a process which requires the students to think about the different topicsthat they have read and learned and they need to relate the lessons that they have learned tothe real time situations and experiences. It involves factors such as review of experiences,assessing and learning from those experiences. One is able to work well when working alone, but working in a team is difficult andchallenging task. Everyone in the team have different ideas, attitudes and beliefs and workingstyle, which leads to conflict in the team, which further hampers the productivity andefficiency of the team. Teams are complex and dynamic, therefore for the completion of OBModule we needed to work in a team, analyze and make an assignment on the OB teamexperiences. For making the assignment, it was required to apply topics and concepts ofOrganizational Behavior. This essay constitutes of reflection based report, on my personal experiences of working in ateam for the university assignment. All in all this reflective report will focus on three of mylearning experiences, where I will be applying theories of learning and other relevant theoriesfrom the subject organizational behavior in the team I have worked in the university.This essay will consist of my three learning experiences in the OB team, the first learningexperience is related to the Team and Group development, second learning experience isrelated to the leadership in the OB team and third learning experience is related to the cultureand behavior of our team. In the whole report, I will reflect what I have learned by explainingthe learning theory and other concepts from the module. In this essay, Social LearningTheory have been applied to all the three experiences. At the end, essay is concluded with abrief summary of the learnings that have been made. The first learning experience is related to the formulation of the team. For the completion ofthe assignment a team of five members was formulated. All the members of the team are
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2known to each other but have not worked together as a team, and do not know how theperson behaves while working in the team. Thus the team formulated underwent through the different stages of the team formulation andthe team that was made was quite effective and was able to work quite efficiently. The teamhad clear purpose and objective to apply the learning theories and other concepts oforganizational behavior in the team, and every team member was able to coordinate witheach other without any difficulty. The team consisted to diverse people two people were fromAsian background and rest were from UK. Tuckman have given four stage of group formation in an organization. Those four stages areforming, followed by storming, then norming and final stage in the group developmentprocess is performing. According to Tuckman, these stages are necessary and unavoidable forthe formulation of team and then facing challenges, tackling and finding solutions for theproblems and then finally delivering the set target or objective. Stages of group formulationof my team are as follows:During the reflection, I related it with the experience with Tuckman’s group developmentmodel. Forming is the first stage, in the first team meeting for the assignment all the teammembers tried to know one another. In the first stage of group development, everyone wascareful and tried not to offend other members of the team. Members tried to gather necessaryinformation about each other like educational experience and personal likes and dislikes.Besides this team members also discussed about the various requirements regarding theassignment for which the team have been formulated. I also gathered necessary informationfrom every team member, which was needed to effectively coordinate with other teammembers.
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3Once every team member was able to know each other, the team moved to the next stagewhich is storming. According to Tuckman, conflicts start to rise in this stage. Whereas in ourteam all the team members were able to cooperate and coordinate. I tried to give ideas forhow we can achieve the objectives of the assignment and other also gave their idea and thenteam members were able to agree upon the goals and objectives and schedule of the meeting.As decided in the meeting team members were still was not able to agree for the time theteam will be working on assignment as everybody had to other assignments as well.In norming stage members started to dissolve various disagreements and started to focus onwhat needs to be done for the assignment. In this stage the team was able to decide thedirection of the team and its work. Each member was able to understand strengths andweaknesses of the other team members and everyone tried to work around those for achievingthe goals of the team. I also helped everyone whenever help was needed. During this phaseteam members become more open to each other and the arguments was done regarding theproject (Tuckman, B.W. and Jensen, M.A.C., 1977).During the performing stage the team actually started to work towards the achievement of thegoals and objectives of the assignment. In this stage the team was able to decide and agreeupon the structure of the team. Team knew its purpose and objectives very well. Theenvironment was relaxing and comfortable and every one used to listen and understand otherideas. Disagreements were solved by discussion and decisions were made by consensus ofevery team member. There were communication problems with the Asian students, whichremained a problem during the assignment, but I tried to talk to those students for makingthem understand every aspect of the assignment that all of us have to do together. Through this experience I am able to learn that, how to work more effectively in a team andcontribute towards the achievement of the objectives. While the team was able to perform
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