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1.. She was loving and caring child as her parents need.

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1. She was loving and caring child as her parents need. She was looking for true identity ashuman and someone guides throughout whole life. It was her mother, father and Islam. Fromthe guidance of all person around her, she will get right path of life and true identity. 2. She was express feeling with ethics modes. Ethos is used as a means of convincing someonethrough authority and be notable in the area of popularity. She always ask question and mademistake all times. Pathos is way to convincing an audience of an argument through emotional response forconvincing story. She was blessed and carrying child who have enough lovable person. Logosis a way of persuading a listener with facts, for this case she find true path with known of Islamfacts. 3. There are three things in my mind such as mother, father and Islam 4. The motive of the story is to provide right path for their life. She express her massage aboutimportant of religion in our life and how they helps in all situation 5. She use decryption in real life situation, where there are no support of parents and lovablepersons. Sometimes situation was not control by parents and all, we need to face that problemand solve as per knowledge we got from Islam and from parents. The real life pressure andweakness sounds realistic. 6. I do experience similar situation in my life, my parents also love, care and support me. Alsotaught about important of individual religion. But they also guide to learn from mistake.Always taught me that it is never easy to get something easy from own life. Passionate aboutyour dream and work hard to achieve them. 1 | Page

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