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1Analyzing the Attitude of ForeignCountries towards the Hamas PalestinianGovernment1.We will be using deductive logic in order to complete our research report effectively withthe logical reasons. Further, we will be using hypothesis with the help of SPSS tool inorder to examine and analyze the various possibilities to reach the logical conclusion. Wewill be gathering information by conducting a survey and will float the questionnairewith the help of social media platform and e-mails. Then, the responses will be gatheredand analyzed through hypothesis.2.We will be using the quantitative method of research as it is the most appropriate one forour research. The questionnaire which we will develop along with the hypothesis willhelp in attaining the attributes of a quantitative method of research and further; we will betargeting the large sample of the population in order to get the logical conclusion (Smith,J. A. 2015).3.The type of research design will be the survey and the secondary analysis. Further, thistype of research design will help in giving the more logical conclusion as compared to theother type of research design. This research design will be more suitable because we willbe able to gather the information from the previously conducted researches as well.4.The dependent variable will be the attitude of foreign countries, and the independentvariable will be the factors of the environment, for example, the economic factors,political factors and the societal factors, etc.5.The correlation is a measure of statistics which is being given in numbers and furtherdemonstrates the direction and the size of the relation among the two or the morevariables. Whereas, causation shows that the single event is the outcome of the
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