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vodafone BYOD - Bring your own device

Added on -2019-09-16

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VODAFONEVodafone BYOTABC[Pick the date]
1Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy for the employees in an organisation which states tobring your devices own personal devices such as personal computer (BYOPC) or your owntechnology (BYOT) or personal phone (BYOC) to office, allowing employees freely using itsown personal gadgets & integrating it with the office IT services (Bamber, 2010). It alsoincludes permission to use personally owned devices such as laptops, tablets, andsmartphones in the office space. New terminology is coined for this IT consumerization. For the successful implementation following factors can be kept in minds:Specify What Devices Are Permitted-: Gadgets such as iPad’s, iPhone’s blackberry devicesetc. should be approved & clear by signing a contract in between the employees & office.Make It Clear Who Owns What Apps and Data-: Some of the data or apps loaded may resultin the additional welcoming of malicious or virus contents & may result in unwarrantedbreaches. Hence specifically who owns which data should be clearly defined.Establish a Stringent Security Policy for all Devices-: IT Security needs to adhere at everystages & obediently following rules & procedures should be followed strictly.Challenges of BYOD to IT network Allowing employees to use personal gadgets & allowing it get it integrated with the office ITservices there can be important risks such as using the office related business informationwhich can result in stealing of business information & selling it to the competitor's group(Steinherr, 2000).

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