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1: Why do research problems have to be specific? Provide examples of poor research problem definitions and solid research problems.2: Find two peer-reviewed journal articles from the EBSCO library on a business topic of your interest. Make sure the topic is narrow enough for this assignment. Compare the research methodology used in these two articles. Provide critical thought to which article is easier to understand and follow from a methodology perspective. The intent of this activity is to introduce you to scholarly writing. Examine the concisely written sections and frequent use of citations that illustrate the synthesis of previous research. Be sure to use quantitative studies for this course.Note: for peer-reviewed journal article, make sure you start with Advance Search options and click on the peer-reviewed option. This option ensures the quality of the research study3:Quantitative Research Design Project: Part IProblem definition: Determine a common business challenge of interest. This could be a potential dissertation topic,although it is still too early to define. Describe the problem from a research perspective along with its significance in society. This is a simple paper that guides the rest of your research design project later in the course. Be sure the problem is suited for quantitative research. The paper will cover the following:Definition of the problemSignificance of the problemResearch questions to be answered and respective hypothesesThis assignment averages 300 to 500 words for most, please keep it short and simple. This will set you up for your Quantitative Research Design projects. Make sure you review the sample dissertations for examples of these sections.Have at least 2-3 research journal citations for the problem definitions and significance section.4: Correlational research is one of the most popular methods. What’s the difference between a positive and negativecorrelation? Make sure you apply the concept of correlation by providing examples from journal articles (find peerreviewed articles from the library). Part of scholarly writing is much more than just summarizing theories and concepts. Critically assess and apply with examples in all discussions. The examples are always from research studies.5:Create a few key constructs of interest from your topic. Assess the variables involved by creating solid survey statements (be sure to include a specific Likert scale for the statement). Make sure you review validated instruments like the MLQ or the study in the course announcements.6: Data collection is one of the most challenging steps that prevent learners from completing their dissertation. What challenges do you foresee in collecting your data?What are some strategies you’ll deploy to overcome these challenges? Respond to both qualitative and quantitative designs.7: Quantitative Research Design Project: Part II
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