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OBJECTIVE. Your purpose in this assignment is multi-fol

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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OBJECTIVEYour purpose in this assignment is multi-fold: a) to learn skills ofresearch using the SJSU library system, including its online search engines; b) to learnto properly cite a scholarly article, both in-text and in a works cited list; c) to improveskills of writing; and d) to gain insight into an important film by engaging apeer-reviewed, scholarly article on this film.GUIDELINESWe will screenPSYCHO(Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) the week ofJune 19th to help us think about narrative. In the week+ after screening the movie youwill complete this assignment in several steps:First, you will use the MLK Library’s online article search engines (or Google Scholar,etc.) to locateone and only onepost-1980,peer-reviewed, scholarly article on this film.Scholarly articles tend to be longer and more critical/analytical and theoretical thanreviews. Most academic journals, whether printed or online, will feature three to fourarticles and a handful of reviews and shorter pieces. You want thelonger"feature"articles. Depending on the search engine you’re using, you may be able to make surethe article is peer-reviewed by clicking on this option when searching. (If not, you couldgoogle the journal to determine whether it's peer-reivewed and/or ask me.) Whenresearching and selecting the article you will use, make sure it focusesonPSYCHO(1960). This movie has been analyzed from nearly every angle, soyoushouldn't have trouble finding one that interests you.Note:your grade on this will sufferif you choose a review of the film, or an article on it from, say, Time Magazine.Second, you will read the article and make note of its thesis (aka principalargument/objective) and main points. Academic writing is famous for being complicatedand theoretical. Part of your job here is to comprehend the article, so that you mayarticulate it succinctly in your essay. This may necessitate re-reading.Third, you will write your essay, devoting the first 2/3rdsof the essay (roughly 2 pages) togiving a concise summary of the article, in which you highlight its thesis and mainarguments. In the last 1/3rdof the essay (roughly one page), you will focus on how thearticle expands your critical understanding ofPSYCHO. When screening this film wemay not realize that it remains one of the most controversial, influential, and ground-breaking productions in movie history, Hollywood or otherwise. So we have much tolearn from these articles.Fourth, you will provide a complete and proper citation just below the last line of youressay. Proper citation is important and will be graded accordingly. See below forguidance on this. You may cite the article in-text with parenthetical citations (again, seebelow), but be sure not to quote large passages or quote much at all in this assignment;let your voice carry the day.RESEARCH / CITATIONOnce at, point the cursor over QUICKLINKS, and you will see KING LIBRARY. Once at the MLK site, you will see at the top aheading called FIND ARTICLES AND BOOKS. Point the cursor over it and selectARTICLES AND DATABASES. The two databases that will be of most use are FILM &TELEVISION LITERATURE INDEX WITH FULL TEXT and JSTOR, both of which youcan locate alphabetically or by clicking on the FILM AND THEATRE subject link. Oncein either search engine (F&TLIWFT or JSTOR), enter your search key words (psycho
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