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Education and the Legacy of Slavery: Research Paper

Added on - 17 Oct 2019

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RESEARCH PAPEREducation and the Legacy of Slavery
1Education and the Legacy of SlaveryIntroductionTo understand the various attributes and the characteristics of the modern education, it issignificant to know the slavery and its legacy. People have suffered much in the past, and it hashighly impacted the education. Slavery is not a new Colloquy, and the researchers have doneadequate researches in the world. Further, slavery brutalized people, a race for all it heeded. Itestranged society relying on the natural attributes of the premises. Moreover, this research paperwill discuss the various reasons which made people endure from the slavery and the lack ofeducation. The literature and the history will be reviewed in relation to the problem. Theeducation level which people wished for and the education level which they actually received ormight not have received will be agitated in this research paper. Also, the research paper willprovide insight to the various researchers and the public about the education and the legacy of itsslavery which people endured in the past and also the way in which it was affiliated to theeducation. Further, the intriguing result will be highlighted in the contexture of the heritage ofAfrican American and also African American women are amid America’s highly knowledgeableAfrican American community as compared to the male coequals.
2Literature ReviewEducation is defined as the Southern colonies which were relied on the system of caste. Theslaves were banned from accessing the education formally. Before the year 1840, the southerncolonies didn't have the patrimony of education for the public. The southerners have baptizedtheir children on the basis of community’s value. On the other hand, the slaves relied on theAnglian Church for the education which was given orally and not in the form of writing for theworry of insurrection. Moreover, the southerners assumed that if the slave was accredited, theymight stage rebellion against the masters. But the southern colonies actually adapted thelegislation which forbidden the slaves’ education. Further, the discrepancies among the poor andthe rich are still at rife in the population of America. Whilst, the education system of America isavailable for people, and the affordability creates it unapproachable to various students whobelongs to the background of low socio-economy in comparison to those who belongs to richfamilies. Therefore, the children from affluent families can avail private schools and enhancedopportunities as compared to their counterparts (Bertocchi, G., 2015). The education qualitywhich the poor people gets is of the disputable quality. The slaves who were caught educatingthemselves were suffered from the psychological and the physical consequences. During the timeof civil war, ordain of the institution of the slavery was indistinct. Further, at the time of changefrom slavery to the freedom, various African Americans tried to satisfy their materialrequirements along with the intellectual itching.
3The Roots of EducationThe researchers have identified the negative relationship between the slavery and the outcomesof the education. The root of the problem relies on the institute of colonialism of the slave laborwhich had been extended in the Latin America and the US until the nineteenth century. Invarious countries, the historical slavery has impacted the people’ education level, and theinequality in income persevered there. Further, the government has implemented variouspolicies, and they aimed to eradicate the inequality of education and racialism in the schools, butno solution was identified. The researchers have identified the conceptualization of slavery as theownership of a person to the other, the laceration of the families from one another, brutalizingthe people, squeezing the will of the people. Further, it has been observed that the knowledgeand the education bring misery and pain to all of us. But the ignorance and the bliss are not at allacceptable at any cost (Greenberg, J., 2010).Moreover, it has been observed from the various researches that the slavery was described as theprofession, and the blacks were the ones who used to get employed in it. But, slowly andgradually the education level began to ascent through the blacks and further they startedreceiving the formal education through the Church of England. Further, the slaves were beinginvited to the various churches in order to learn how to write and read. As a result, the conditionof the blacks was improved to some extent as compared to the previous situation.Slavery and Racial Education InequalityAccording to the researchers, the blacks were still struggling in order to survive even aftergetting educated. This demonstrated that the slaves had difficulty in receiving the advantages ofeducation as compare to the other people and further they identified it as incompatible in order to
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