1401102-3: Fourth Problems.

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1401102-3: Fourth ProblemsDue by December 26, 2016This assignment will require you to solveonly oneproblem in java.Goals:-To understand classes.-To be able to declare your own class with its instance variables and methods.-To be able to write a full program in Java using user defining class and test it.-Your programs are graded on bothcorrectness and style. Please review the comments regardingprogramming style on the main page.:Write a grading program for instructor whose course has the followingpolicies:-Student’s first name and last name.-Two quizzes, each graded on the base of 10 points, which weigh 25%, aregiven.-One mid-term exam graded on base of 50 points, which weigh 25%, is given.-Final exam graded on base of 100 points, which weigh 50%, is given.-Any grade of 90 percent or more is an A, any grade between 80 and 89 percentis a B, any grade between 70 and 79 percent is a C, any grade between 60 and69 is a D and any grade below 60 is an F.-The program should read in the student’s first name and last name and scoresand display the student’s record, which consists of two quiz scores, two examscores (mid-term and final exam), the student’s total score for the entirecourse, and the final letter grade. The total score is a number in the range 0 to100, which represents the weighted average of the student’s work.Define and use a class for the student record. The class should have:
1-instance variables for the student’s first name and last name, quizzes,midterm, final, total score for the course, and final letter grade.2-The class should have appropriate constructor methods.3-The class should have input method and should not ask for the finalnumeric marks; nor should it ask for the final letter grade.4-The class should have methods to compute the overall numeric marks andthe final letter grade. These last two methods will be void or returned typemethods that set the appropriate instance variables.5-The class should have a method to compare between two student’s totalmarks and return the student’s first name and last name with themaximum total marks.6-Your program should use all the methods described here. Your class shouldhave reasonable methods, whether your program uses them or not. Youmay add other methods if you wishThe sample output is as shown below:This program used for computing three Students scoresand displaying thier names, marks, grade and the maximum marks between allthree students in Programming Language course:Please insert the student number 1 records(first name, last name, quiz1,quiz2,mid-term,final-exam)Ahlam Alahmadi55
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