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CSIS3475-070 Winter 2017.

Added on -2019-09-16

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CSIS3475-070 Winter 2017Assignment# 4Due date: Monday April 3rd, 2017Total scores: 20Note: Please submit your assignment on the blackboard course web page.There aremaximum three attempts, latest attempt will be graded. This is individual student work,please submit your own work. In case of cheating both copy and copied will get zero and violations of Academic Integritypolicy will be reported to the appropriate Responsible Administrator for adjudication.For this application, don’t forget to add comments to explain logic of your code. Pleasesubmit your complete Java project, MS word documents will not be accepted and will notbe graded. Task 1 (10 Points): Create a Java application to construct an expression (binary) tree from the postfix expressionusing Stacks. Note: Construct trees using stacks. For this task, create a binary tree usingdoubly linked list. Doubly linked list class should be created from scratch and for stack class,you can use JCF Stack class. Write a program to demonstrate. Task 2 (10 Points): Write a Java program for array-based implementation of a heap. Create following basicmethods: createHeap() // Creates an empty heap.heapIsEmpty() // Determines whether a heap is empty.heapInsert(newItem) // Inserts newItem into a heap.heapDelete() // Retrieves and then deletes a heap’s root item. Write a program to demonstrate these methods. For reference, have a look at the array-based implementation of a heap textbook page 669 – 673.

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