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2ContentsIntroductionBackground of the companyVisionMissionOrganization structurePresenceSWOTReferences as footnotes
3IntroductionThe rising demand for quality education among local and international students continuesas students quench the thirst for knowledge to succeed in careers and have a better life.Knowledge is becoming a fundamental need and a right enshrined in many constitutionsglobally. In this context, the report of Charles Darwin University is part of the case study toidentify SWOT analysis of the campus and identify areas that need to be improved.Background of the companyCharles Darwin University is a leader in education in Australia with other campuseslocated in Casuarina and Alice Springs has been ranked among the top two percent in the globalrankings as per the Times Higher Education report. The campus is structurally a multi-sectoruniversity. The University prides itself as an education center that specializes in providingtraining avenues and education in technical education, and higher education gives customizedclasses that provide maximum attention to learners through classes that are small with a lowinstructor-to-student ratio is a member of innovative Research network in Australia.Charles Darwin visionThe university aspires to become a global multipurpose center of academic excellence1.The strategic location of the campus that positions it in the Northern Territory and the onlyAustralian campus closest to the Asian region, the university envisions to expand and make asignificant contribution to the pressing yet important matters of Australia through knowledge andeducation.1Charles Darwin University Library. n.d.Library.Accessed March 23, 2018.
4CDU aims at preparing graduates for succession in an ever-sophisticated environment,diverse and well-networked world and aims to be the leading contributor of transformative skillsand learning focus on improving quality, equitable access and enhance growth.CDU also aims at increasing engagements with various governments, industries and otherrelevant stakeholders in developing and strengthening its robust research needed in developingworld-class scholars2. The research is geared towards strengthening and supporting a sustainableand prosperous economic and social development of the Northern Australia and other regions.The research further includes and encompasses areas such as public policy, knowledge aboutindigenous communities and environmental science.The strong commitment and willingness to understand the indigenous knowledge formsthe core vision of the university in a move to attain well-being and accomplishments endeavorsin developing national skills and strengthen capacity building in indigenous leadership as acenter with a global reputation in succeeding for succeeding in advancing indigenous studies.CDU missionThe primary mission of CDU is to provide quality education by working with the librarydepartment and information services that motivate staff and engage students to be creative andinnovative thinkers in a sophisticated world3.CDU organization structureThe campus is headed by the governing council that oversees the overall activities of theuniversity from finance to operations.2
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