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List of Questions: Interview Notes
1. What was the most appealing thing about the resume?
Answer: The most appealing thing about the resume is it is well structured and have
separate sections specifying skills, educational background and work experience.
2. What can be improved in resume and cover letter according to the job posted?
Answer: Although, the resume is properly structured and have all the information in
proper sections and headings, it lacks certain essential information in the areas of hobbies
and interests, strength and weakness that are essential in deciding whether a particular
individual is fit for the job role or not. Similarly, the cover letter also lacks those
information that are important to include in the resume when applying for a job.
3. What can I add in my skills according to the job?
Answer: Since the job role is to welcome visitors, coordinating and managing the Human
Resources related files, tracking and managing HR related documents and maintaining
office management, the skills that are required in these areas are communication skills,
leadership skills, problem solving skills and management skills. Therefore, adding the
skills in the resume will increase the chance of getting recruited.
4. Any particular softwares I can learn to improve my chances?
Answer: Softwares like Java and Zenefits can increase the chance of getting recruited.
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