Should Teenage Pregnancy be Banned? - Social Consequences and Measures to Reduce Them


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1The topic which being an individual, I am interested in researching is "Should Teenage Pregnancy be Banned?" I am more interested in this topic because the teenage pregnancy has numerous of adverse social outcomes. Thus, the teenage pregnancy has become a social problem.Further, it gives rise to the problem of poverty and unemployment (Cook et al., 2015). The children of teenage mothers tend to become teenage parents themselves. According to the research, despite the availability of contraceptives and abortion facility, around 16 million teenage women give birth every year which is further being accounted for around 11 percent of all births and the Niger has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies (PhippsYonas, S. 1980). Although, people talk about equality between both the genders but still women are being dominated by men. As women are forced to marry at the teenage, and they are forced to become pregnant as they live in a highly deprived areas and have lower educational achievements and doesn’t have adequate care homes. It has also been researched that the teenage pregnancy also has positive events for some women but to some extent only.According to the sources, the teenage pregnancy is being conceived between the ages of 13-18. The rate of teenage pregnancy varies significantly between different countries and the social factors which are associated with the teenage pregnancy also varies accordingly. The teenage parents tend to access less antenatal and services which impact the social and health outcomes which further becomes the social issue (Whitaker et al., 2014). But from the past two years, the journals have started ignoring the major issue of teenage pregnancy, and they are focusing on other issues The cogent research question which I would like to answer is the social consequences of the teenage pregnancy and the various measures to reduce them. In my opinion, there are adverse consequences of the teenage pregnancy and it is also one of the barriers for underdeveloped

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