Teaching Plan and Critique for Clinical Education Session


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13928NRS Clinical Teaching for Health Professionals Semester 2, 2016Assessment Item 1: Teaching Plan and CritiqueMaximum of 2000 wordsWeighting 60%Due Date: Thursday 15th September, 1100 hrsAim: The aim of this assignment is demonstrate an understanding of learning styles and educational theory strategies through the development of a teaching plan for a clinical education session. Task and Instructions:Educators who teach in clinical settings face complex situations requiring evidence-based educational and evaluative strategies (Suplee, Gardner & Jerome-D’Emilia, 2014).Task: You are required to construct a teaching plan for a 15 minute education session to be delivered in the clinical setting, on a topic relevant to your workplace and role. This is tobe an intra/inter professional small group audience and must have a health care focus, for example, to a group of student nurses, new graduate nurses, nursing peers or other health professionals, but NOT for patient/family education.This task is to be completed as three (3) separate parts to assist your understanding of the teaching process.Part A: (15%) – 300-500 wordsComplete the provided table outlining your teaching planComplete all parts of the tableDevelop four (4) Learning ObjectivesInclude timings and activities Dot points are encouraged References are not needed or appropriate in the tablePart B: (35%) – 1200 -1500 wordsProvide a written critique of your planned teaching session with the discussion supported by the use of scholarly literature (at least 8 references). This part should be in essay format using the following headings:Introduction:Describe the target audience and any special considerations for this specificgroup;Provide a short background on the topic and its relevance/significance for this group;Provide a rationale for the teaching sessionPreparation:3928NRS Clinical Teaching for Health Professionals: Semester 2, 2015. Assessment item 1: Teaching Plan.

2Consider the context/environment in which the session will occur and outline any problems and possible solutions;Describe how you would determine learner readinessand prepare for the session; Briefly outline the manner with which you would deliver/implement the session; Describe the most appropriate method of evaluating the session.Development of Learning Objectives:Explain how the Learning Objectives (LOs)were developed using Bloom’s Taxonomy and Justify the appropriateness of the LOs by using the SMART acronym;Theoretical underpinnings: (at least 600 words)Must use current and seminal literature for this section, and elsewhere as appropriateDescribe the strategies used to meet the different learning styles of the group and discuss how these link to theoryIdentify and critically discuss the application of principles of Adult Learning to aspects of the sessionIdentify and critically discuss one learning theory that will underpin this teaching session and provide a critique of how the teaching strategies and activities reflect this theory;Conclusion:Provide a short summary of the key educational theories and principles thatinformed the teaching sessionPart C: 10% 300-500 wordsCreate a PowerPoint presentation to deliver your teaching session and guide the reader(and student) through the content. You do not need to present the session10-15 slides only (including cover sheet slides, title slide and references)Use 20 – 28 point fontMake sure slide is not too busy – no more than 4 points per pageBe creative e.g. include photos, diagrams and tablesYou could include a short video, but no more than 3 minutesIdentify when student activity (group work, demonstration, practice) will occurYour teaching session so should not include any reference to educational theoryInclude a references slide with 3-5 referencesInstructionsEssay format is to be used for Part B in accordance with academic writing standards, andusing APA6th Ed referencing style throughout. Include an assignment cover sheet and title page with your essay, but do not need to include the marking guide.Please refer to the Nursing and Midwifery Writing and Referencing guide on the course site for information, formatting, referencing and exemplars.Submission:3928NRS Clinical Teaching for Health Professionals: Semester 2, 2015. Assessment item 1: Teaching Plan.

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