Case Analysis of Chris Parker's Training and Development Plan for Rockdale


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CASE ANALYSIS[Document subtitle]

1Answer 1: Needs assessment are done in order to find how Chris Parker articulated and identified the development and training plan for the Rockdale. Firstly, Mr. Parker didn't clearly examine the goals of the organization and the required capability in order to reach the goals. He only focused on the issues which were related to the absenteeism, grievances and the decline in the productivity. Parker ignored the most important ‘hard data’ in the assessment of the needs and he even overlooked the various discrepancies of HRD. He didn't conduct the assessment adequately at the three levels. He focused more on individual analysis rather than the task and organizational analysis. And even after getting the hard data, he ignored the strategic analysis. Parker was also unable to identify the external factors which were included in the analysis of the person.If I was at Parker's place, then I would have used different measures, and I would like to start from the very beginning. Initially, I will define and describe the starting point, and I will plan fororganization's future goals depending on the present situation. Further, I will identify and examine the skills and expertise of the employees in order to reduce the issue of grievances, absenteeism, etc. I would try to make the training sessions the interactive and interesting ones. I would conduct personal interviews in order to listen to the problems of the employees (Pollock etal., 2015). The need assessment would include organizational analysis at first level to visualize that which areas in the organization requires training and would be more benefited. Then the second level would include task analysis in order to determine that which KASOCS and tasks should be included in the session of the training. Then I would do personal analysis at the third level of need assessment in order to improve it and I would focus on the external factors to understand that how they impact the personnel.

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