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Human Resource Management: Dynamic Duo's Legal Steps and OSHA Obligations

Added on -2019-09-16

This article discusses the legal steps that Dynamic Duo should take and their obligations under OSHA. It also includes advice on recording accidents and illnesses and additional information to make the plant safer. Additionally, it covers interpersonal skills practice on making and refusing requests, including fears about saying no, strengths and weaknesses in refusing requests, and difficult situations. The article includes references to Bratton and Gold's Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice and CRM's Standard Human Resource Record Categories.
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11. What steps should Dynamic Duo’s owners take immediately?Ans. The steps Dynamic Duo should be taking is asking the owners that were they given any abatement period as normally abatement period is given by OSHO from the time when the officer has uncovered the problem which is violating SHA standards and also providing usually less than 30 days in order to fix the concerned problems.2.What legal steps would you recommend that Dynamic Duo take?Ans. The legal steps I would recommend are file an appeal if the period of abatement was notprovided. I would also try to know about the proof that they have performed a course of safety training.3. What advice would you give the owners concerning the company’s obligation under OSHA to record accidents and illnesses?Ans. I would take steps like making sure that there is a proper and maintained procedure which allows reporting of all incidents and also that everyone should be following all the guidelines. I would also see that all the files are easily available or not.4. Visitwww.OSHA.govand determine if you can provide any additional information to help make the plant safer. Ans. The information provided by this website are like tools of e-learning that the risk department manager or any other department manager could see in order to include that in thecoming training sessions. OSHO provides various files of posters on health and safety pdf form (CRM, T. M. 2016).

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