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1Overview In the particular assignment, we are taking the organization let us say XYZ limited in which thecompany and the employees of the company agree to maintain the unity towards their company bykeeping their details like a secret. The development of product and all the work is being done by theemployees under the name of the employer due to which the employer has all the rights to theproducts as well as on the work. If an employee is sharing their confidential details with anyoneoutside or if there is any unauthorized access to their company data or misleading anything is notacceptable by the company otherwise these act will be handled with the help of law in a legal way.They have also said there will be equity in their organization by following the same employment lawsfor every employee. Moreover, it will take care of their employees and its stakeholders from any ofthe illegal act from the external internment. ( Lomer, D.,2013)PurposeThe main purpose of this policy is to keep their details confidential that will be only between theemployees, employer and between the clients. This purpose of the policy indicates the kind ofbehavior which is being needed by their employees for building the trust level between them and thisall will serve the better guide to their business and have the surety of their organization to be ethicallyconducted.ScopeThe scope of this policy is to cover all the ethical aspect of the company, and the company needs todisclose all the information that is confidential only to the authorized individual.They were also focusing on the effectiveness and on the efficiency of their delivery of products totheir clients or customers in the regulation of the law and the rules that are being made under thesystem of law.

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