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ASSIGNMENT[Document subtitle]
2Globalization strategySouth Shore should enter the neighborhood countries in order to expand its operations and sell theproducts internationally. This will help the company to create more networks with the suppliers, and theSouth Shore will be able to analyze that what the competitive market of that country is demanding.Further, the company should use the successful campaign of marketing in order to attract the customersand identifying the targeted segment of the customers in order to sell the products of furniture. TheSouth Shore should create a slogan which should be accepted by the people of various countries as thiswill help the company to attract the customers more quickly. This will help the company to manage thediversity of culture and further the company will be able to attain a strong market presence along withthe generation of the revenues to a great extent (Scott, A. J. 2006).The reasons which show that the South Shore should globalize are as follows:The company is having a clear mission and the vision and is focused to achieve the goals andobjectives by satisfying the needs of the customers irrespective to the conditions of the market.The customers can assemble the products by themselves which leads to humungous reductions inthe cost to a great extent, and this helps the South Shore to develop a base of customer loyalty aswell.The South Shore uses the indicators of the key performance in order to identify the strength oftheir performance and identifying that the resources are being used adequately and the long termrelations are developed with the suppliers.The South Shore is having the focused range of the products of furniture along with the attractivedesign of the products which helps the company to attract the customers and retain them for alonger period of time.
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