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Running Head- Change ManagementChange ManagementChange ManagementIntroductionChange management is a systematic approach which enables with dealing with the transition processefficiently and effectively. Managing the change is the collective process which makes the organization
1Change Managementeffective in handling the change. It is a collective process, techniques, and tools which helps in managingthe professional and business organization to achieve the desired and required result. It is a continuousprocess which makes the entire organization updated and help in attaining strategic as well as acompetitive advantage in the global market. Moreover, in simple words, it can be explained thatmanaging the change is a systematic process which helps in dealing with the transition andtransformation effectively within the organization. The main motive of bringing the change is to makethe organization and people effective. Besides this to achieve the required and desired result out ofbringing the change for more detail please visitonline management assignment help. It is of primeimportance that an organization should think about managing the change in an effective and efficientmanner from time to time. It is because change management will enable the organization and people ofthe organization able to gain strategic as well as a competitive advantage in the global market scenario.Change management is the art as well as science which enable the management of an organization toeasily and efficiently handle the required and desired changes in an organization structure, technology,process, or system. In managing the change, the role of sound leadership is required who can perfectlymanage the change in a smooth manner and meanwhile avoid the possible negative consequences.Changing the way of workIt is the need of the hour to change the way of work from time to time. It is because it will lead tokeeping an individual and organization updated and strategically ahead in the global environment.Changing the way of work is needed from time to time because if one will not change the way of workthen it will lead him to go back and as a result, it will negatively hamper the growth for the longer periodof time. In a way to enhance the process and competency bringing and managing the change is required.It is to notify that change is the need of the hour and every individual and organization as a whole needsto change the system and process of their work from time to time according to the demanding situation.It is because it will lead to putting positive impact over the business organization as a whole for a longerperiod of time. In the globalized economy and in the era of technological advancement everything ischanging day by day which pushed the individual and business organization to bring necessary changesin their overall business process and system as a whole. Changing the way of work require properplanning and analysis. It is because the change in the work performance requires mental stability toaccept the change in a sound manner which is only possible if required changes are effectively managed.It is vital that change is an essential part and it must be managed properly. If the way of work is notchanged and managed then it will put a negative impact on the organizational growth and development.Technological advancement and modernization in the technology made compulsory for the organizationto change its way and method of work from time to time in order to cope up with the demanding anddynamic changes in an environment.Need for changeThere is a lot of reason which can be addressed by bringing the necessary changes in an organization. Inorder to increase the likelihood of success, there is a strong need for change. The organization feels theneed for the change to identifying the newly available opportunities in an effective manner. Beside thisimprovement and advancement in technology push the organization to change the old process and tobring the new process in their operational activities. It will also enhance the work performance at largein the longer period of time. The fundamental advantage of applying the change management is that it
2Change Managementbuilds the odds of a business remaining on its financial limit or calendar that thus prompts higher returnon investment and acknowledgment of advantages.Change is needed mainly to enhance the efficiency and competency of a people and organization formore explanation kindly visitassignment help online. Now a day nothing is confined to the nation andnot a single process is stable as the global environment is dynamic in nature which demands regularchanges in a way to comprehend the situation in a most efficient manner. In order to make the processmore effective and to keep the process updated with the demanding situation need to change is heavilyrequired. To boost up the current organizational situation and performance there is a strong need ofchange and if this need is managed properly then it will put positive impact over the entireorganizational performance at large for the longer period of time. Moreover, high need for change existsfor those organization who want to be ahead for a longer period of time. Changes and improvement inthe technological environment pushed the organization to feel the need for change. Changes arerequired mainly to cope up with the dynamic situation and to align the organizational availableresources with the objectives.Importance of managing the change and how it will help the business organizationChange management plays a vital role in an organization. Managing the change in an effective andefficient manner is immensely important for the organization irrespective to its size and operation. Mostof the business organization fails in managing the change which results in winding up of theorganization. It is of prime importance that an organization should have an effective leader who canmanage and monitor the change management process in a smooth manner from time to time. If abusiness leader is ineffective in managing the required change then it will hamper the organizationalgrowth and development in a negative manner.Change and Change management are necessary as it helps the business organization by minimizing theresistance, enhancing the engagement, reducing the cost and also enhancing the innovation. Hence it isimportant for the business organization to have change management methodologies and strategies. It isbecause change management will minimize the negative impact due to bringing the changes in anorganization. If the changes are managed in an effective and efficient manner by the business leadersthen it will put a positive impact on the organization growth and development at large for a longerperiod of time.Most importantly, we all are living in an era where rapid changes in product and ideas happen. So it isvital for the business organization to implement numerous changes in their operational activities andstructure. Moreover, in order to enhance the efficiency and competency of an organization changeneeds to handle and implemented in an efficient manner. Besides this organization also needs to beinnovative and creative in its operational activities, it is because it will lead the organization to gaincompetitive as well as a strategic advantage in a global market.Purpose of managing the change in an organizationThe core purpose of managing the change in an organization is to boost up its overall productivity andperformance. Change management enables the organization to enhance its competency and capabilitiesin the dynamic environment. Effective management of the change will lead to organizationaldevelopment in an effective manner. The ultimate aim and purpose of the change management are to
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