Innovation and Entrepreneurship Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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2INTRODUCTIONTASK 1Discuss and evaluate characteristics of Dr Thom as an innovation.Innovation is a process that change into ideas and development into good orservices which can generates standard for what consumer’s need. The innovationincludes cautious application of material, thoughts and creativity in originating betteror changed ethics from resources, it also involves all developments by innovativeconcepts that can created and transformed into beneficial products. In organisationinnovation are frequently outcomes after concepts are functional by organisationinstruction to additional satisfy the necessity and expectations of the customers.Here is a demonstration on how to be applying Bessant &Tidd (2017) four types ofdefinition on innovation changes and there are product, process, position andparadigm. Bessant &Tidd (2017) also define the two types of method on innovationwhich can indicate whether it’s an incremental or radical.Product:NHS is providing services to patient in need for the treatment for sexualtransmitted, or any other women’s or men’s health issues but due to religionsstrictness some Muslim community avoid going to the doctors in case they ask themto remove clothes which there are not comfortable in. By launching Dr Thom onlineapp can make them or other patient feel more confident and open about their healthcondition, in this online app where patient can receive online consultation fromdoctors but without seeing them face to face. They do not have to worry aboutphoning and booking appointments as this app can allow them to receive fastservices within few hours. Dr Thom app can provide wide range of treatment forpatient.Processes:Dr Thomapp would be based online, where patient can contact themvia computer, laptops, tablets, or any smartphone. Patient would be required toregister online, once they registration is completed and have all the information ontheir medical history from their general practitioner. This would help doctor to providepatient the right treatment via online app. The app would also allow patients toupload photo of their infected part of the body without any hesitation.Position: Dr Thom online app would add some values to the national healthservices. Adding value would not means adding profits, it is improving their servicesbetter way of dealing with patients need. It would also add modern touch withtechnologies help.Paradigm:Dr Thom online app would give the national health care sector a newlook. They were using face to face interaction service and now with this app therewould be no face to face service because it’s all online. It is the same services butinstead make calls to book appointment, all patient would have to do it online. Thiswould allow patients maintaining their privacy and have more confident, secure
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