Declining Discipline among Nurses and Effective Customer Service


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1MANAGEMENTPart 1: Letter to the Director of NursingSubject: Regarding Declining Discipline among Nurses in the FacilityRespected Sir,With due respect, I take this opportunity to put light upon the issues regarding discipline amongthe Nurses in the facility which is declining gradually. It is a very serious concern as patients arenow complaining about the services by the nurses which can lead to certain legal issues whichcan affect the reputation of the organization. The relationship between a patient and a nurse arise when a nurse accepts the responsibility toprovide the nursing care which is based on oral and written reports of the needs of patient. Whenthis responsibility is transferred to another nurse, this relationship comes to an end. The nursestoday are not fulfilling their obligations and are not performing duties assigned to take care of thepatient. A nurse must report to doctors if any kind of unhygienic and unsafe treatment isperformed to the patient ("What Nurses Should Know about Patient Care Abandonment...”2017). Also, the basic responsibilities of a nurse include reporting and identifying the problemsof staff, health protection, rights and safety of the patients, refusing the assignment for patentcare based on safety concerns of a patient, safeguarding the safety and integrity of herself,practicing with proper safety and skills. The nurses do not comply with all these accountabilityand responsibilities and thus performing their duties with least care and perfection as thecompetent staff is not available.The Association for American Nurses delineates the standards and scope of practice of nursingby explaining the profession of nurse’s accountability towards the public and assessing the
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2MANAGEMENTpractice of nursing related to the regulations, rules, relevant statutes, guidelines and standards ofprofessional practice. Being the HR of this hospital, we formulate the policies of regulating the behavior and ethicalcode of conduct for all the nurses in the hospital similar to the Code of Ethics by Association ofAmerican Nurse in which we emphasize eon the rights, safety and health of the patient tosuppose the accountability and responsibility for the actions of individual nursing, to delegate thetasks which comply with the obligation of nurses to provide maximum care to patients. I may request for your cooperation in this matter to provide the maximum benefit andsatisfaction to the patients by enhancing the responsibilities of the nurses and giving themtraining regarding the duties and responsibilities they should be performing including the ethicalcode of conduct to take care of the reputation of the hospital. Also the issues like overtimeworking, coercion to accept the assignment etc. need to be addressed immediately. We hope to receive a positive response from your side.Thanks and Regards,RaymondVice President for Human ResourceXYZ Hospital
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